D&T Commentaries: Back To The Future Part 2


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the second part of the Back To The Future mini marathon! Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy tackle what many consider the best of the Back to The Future series, but where do the Dragon God and The Marvelous One stand with the second installment? How does Back To The Future II reflect our current day society, and why once again Biff is not just the ultimate dick but also the ultimate evil. Thank you for listening, come back next week for the final installment of the Back To The Future mini marathon!


D&T Commentaries: Back To The Future


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, after traveling to the year 1996 Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy travel further back to 1985 and 1955 to commentate over Back To The Future. Considered by many one of the greatest set of films of the modern cinema, Dragon and Iggy take a look at the characters, the time periods represented, and how our current culture stems from the 1980’s. All this and more from the Dragon and Turtle Commentaries!


D&T Commentaries: Beavis and Butthead Do America


Let’s rewind the clock back to 1996, as Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy take a look at Mike Jugde’s creation. Join us as Dragon and Iggy laugh, how despite it’s outer appearance Beavis and Butthead actually had some deep moments and of course the ultimate theory that Beavis and Butthead is a sequel to King of The Hill. All this and more on the latest Dragon and Turtle Commentary!


D&T Commentaries: The Lost World Jurassic Park



Let’s take it a trip back in time to the early 90’s when Jurassic Park took the world by storm, and made huge bank at the box office. Naturally a sequel was going to be and now one year after both Dragon and Iggy’s commentary for Jurassic Park it’s time to see if the sequel stands up to the original, so join Dragon and Iggy as the venture to unknown territory with new dinosaurs, and new personalities for some old favorites. All this and much more on this latest edition of Dragon and Turtle commentaries!!!


D&T Commentaries: Street Fighter The Movie


HADOKEN!!! Twenty five years ago, the game that defined the fighting game genre was birthed into existence it’s popularity unrivaled and spawned many a imitator. Of course when something is so popular it must get a movie about it! My friend Bryan Powers joins me on showcase of World Warriors, as we discuss our personal history with Street Fighter, our history with fighting games in general, the performances of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. So grab your quarters and your fight sticks IT’S TIME FOR A STREET FIGHT!!!


D&T Commentaries: Small Soldiers


ATTENTION MAGGOTS, WE ARE D&T COMMENTARIES! EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST A TOY!!! Join Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy as they look into the parody GI Joe film that wowed audiences in 1998 (it didn’t). Dragon and Iggy discuss their love affair with toys, looking up Ebay prices on said toys, why the Gorgonites can’t do anything yet the Commando Elite can make deadly weapons from home utilities. All this and more on the latest Dragon and Turtle commentary!



D&T Commentaries: Pirates of The Carribbean


Ahoy mateys, it’s time for the second installment of Dragon and Turtle Commentaries! Captain Dragon and First Mate Iggy join the rotten crew of the Black Pearl as they discuss pirate culture, Disney references inside this film, Johnny Depp’s amazing performance, and why mixing zombies and pirates just might be the best idea ever! All this more on this sea faring edition of D&T Commentaries!

D&T Commentaries! The Mummy (1999)


Happy Memorial Day ladies and gentlemen! It’s a bold new era for us here, but I’m probably exaggerating a simple name change. Join us this week as Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy venture to the desert of Egypt for some good Tomb Raiding. Join us as we discuss the brutal process of mummification, Egyptian mythology, Iggy’s own nightmares, and count with us how many times Benny is indeed an asshole.

RPG Commentaries: Lincoln


Your eyes do not deceive you! Yes, Mr. Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy tackle a film of sophistication. Join both of them as they chronicle the last term of Honest Abe’s as President of The United States, small trivia about the Civil War, and why Daniel Day Lewis is our generations greatest actor. All this and more on a political induced RPG Commentary.

RPG Commentaries: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III


With apologies from me for the lack of a commentary, thankfully faithful Kuhan stepped in and offered to do a LIVE STREAM COMMENTARY! What you’re about to listen to was originally streamed on twitch @¬†twitch.tv/kuhanluke¬†. Join both of us as we look at a mediocre Ninja Turtles movie that hints at a romance between romance and a a teenage turtle, also Raphael’s strange urge to become a father. Just in time for TMNT: Out of The Shadows LET’S TIME TRAVEL TO FEUDAL JAPAN!
The Warriors Three

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