RPG Commentaries: World War Z


Don’t adjust your websites, it’s time for another RPG Commentaries with Salty Iggy and Mr.Dragon! While it isn’t Halloween just yet the crew decides to venture into a genre that has recently become a tad over saturated. Join Dragon and Iggy as they discuss the merits of a cure, and Dr. Who?

RPG Commentaries: The Blues Brothers

The-Blues-Brothers-Movie-PosterIt’s Iggy and Dragon Elwood just in time for another RPG Commentary. We’re on a mission from the Dragon God to commentate over one of Mr.Dragon’s favorite movies of all time. Join us as we endure cruel nuns, cowboys, and angry cops. All this and more on RPG commentares: The Blues Brothers!

Iggy’s World: Batman Arkham Origins


Can you believe the month of Arkham is nearly over, the official debut of Arkham Knight is days away at this point. Before you have an Omega, there must be an Alpha. With Rocksteady focusing on Arkham Knight, development for Origins was given to WB Montreal, who were responsible for the Wii U port of Arkham City.  Which lead me to questioning the quality of this game, sure they have the blueprint for greatness but can WB replicate the magic from previous installments.
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RPG Commentaries: Jurassic Park

jurassic-park-movie-poster-1992-1020141477In celebration of this past weekend’s release of Jurassic World, The Marvelous Iggy and Mr.Dragon enter a time machine when dinosaur and man roamed the earth together. One of the greatest movies of all time and all these two idiots can focus on are a nebbish dude bro T-Rex and traveling Velociraptor sales personal.

Iggy’s World: Batman Arkham City

2010-08-09-batman_arkham_city1The month of Arkham continues with the game that made me purchase a PS3, of course I’m referring to Arkham City. The hype train for this game was insane and for the life of me I can’t remember a sequel that garnered all theattention heading into Arkham’s City initial release. With seemingly impossibly high expectations from fans who have played Arkham Asylum and those who heard how amazing Asylum was and decided to jump right into the fray with the gigantic super prison, Arkham City. Normally I ask if this game lived up to hype, but given that Arkham Knight is right around the corner, that should be your answer.
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RPG Commentaries: X-Men Days of Futures Past

X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_Official_poster_004It’s time for the X-Men marathon to come to a time collapsing conclusion, as Kuhan joins The Marvelous Iggy and Mr.Dragon one last time to say a fond farewell to our favorite mutant friends. It’s a drinking game and for some reason everyone has an irish accent near the end, all this and more for the X-Men marathon finale!

Iggy’s World: Batman Arkham Asylum

877495-batmaaanThe month of Arkham begins with Batman: Arkham Asylum, but you already know that from reading the title of this post. It’s time to celebrate the demented mental institution which is now a immensely popular franchise, but now I will take a look at it’s origins (no not that Origins, that’s two weeks from now) as Rocksteady attempts to bring The Dark Knight into the sandbox genre. It’s also worth nothing that prior to Arkham Asylum’s release Batman didn’t exactly have the greatest track record within the realm of games. So did Rocksteady find the secret formula to make a great Batman game? (spoilers five games later and I think they did.)
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RPG Commentaries: The Wolverine


It’s time for the penultimate chapter of the X-Men marathon, but this time The Marvelous Iggy, Mr.Dragon and Kuhan venture to the land of the rising son in hopes of finding their husbandos or waifus. Join the trio as they romp along with Logan through Japan.


RPG Commentaries: X-Men First Class

209729_207965225902840_167023033330393_655142_3901786_oKICK OFF YOUR SUNDAY SHOES AND LET’S DAANNNCE…. wait….what? We’re not supposed to dance? What do you mean this isn’t Footloose? Kevin Bacon is in it, this has to be Footloose. This is an X-Men movie…….you’re fucking lying. Join The Marvelous Iggy, Dragon, and Kuhan for another romp through the world of X-Men.


RPG Commentaries: X-Men Origins Wolverine

10052Grab your shot glasses because it’s time for the X-Men marathon to continue! Kuhan rejoins Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy as they take a gander into the mythical anti-hero that is Wolverine and a load of other characters that you don’t give a shit about. It’s a 90’s comic book come to life and we’re all the worst for it.

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