RPG Commentaries: Mortal Kombat

MKF_005In honor of Mortal Kombat X releasing in just under 12 hours, Mr.Dragon and Iggy take a look back at the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie. Join us as we shed blood, pose, counter, pose, making Kitana a gilf, and more posing. All this and cheeky Raiden along with asshole Liu Kang prepare for Kombat! FIGHT!

RPG Commentaries: The Prince of Egypt

the-prince-of-egypt-movie-poster-1998-1020221182Warning this commentary contains talk about religion in both a positive and negative light. If you are easily offended please do not hit play. Just in time for Easter Mr.Dragon and Iggy dive into the world of animation with The Prince of Egypt. If you wanted to a movie that perfectly captures the beautiful friendship between the Dragon God and the Marvelous One, then look no further….wait….. Join Mr.D and Iggy as they journey through the dessert on a mission from God.

Iggy’s World: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

urlBack in 1998 if you’re a fan of video games, the primary conversation centered around two games. Those two being Final Fantasy VII and Ocarina of Time. For me the spinner landed on OOT due to my Dad leaning towards Nintendo products in the 90’s. So now it’s sixteen years since it’s initial release and in 2011 Nintendo remastered what many consider to be one of the greatest games of all time (balls in your court Square Enix). So with that being said, let’s take a look at an all time classic and see if it stands the test of time.
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RPG Commentaries: The Dark Knight Rises

Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-Movie-PosterThe Batman marathon finally comes to a shattering conclusion as Dragon and Iggy are joined by special guest Kuhan! Listen as the terrific trio dives deep into a movie filled with internet memes, Batman’s no gun policy, and much more as the crew closes out The Batman marathon in style!

Be sure to check out Kuhan’s stuff here at iamkuhan.com

Iggy’s World: Why I love The Legend of Zelda


When it comes to the world of video games, there is always that one series that solidified our love for this genre of entertainment. For me it all started with the boy with a green hat, and princess who captured my heart. As I grow older I’ve began to appreciate what exactly the Zelda series has done for me so this isn’t going to be a critical analysis but instead why I continue to love this series despite it’s flaws.
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RPG Commentaries: The Dark Knight

poster-tdk-int3You either die an internet celebrity or you live long enough to become irrelevant, at least that’s what Mr.Dragon and Iggy hope to avoid with the critically acclaimed The Dark Knight! Dragon begins his descent into madness as he is continues to spiral into the world of Nolan’s Batman. So let us pray to Jesus Jim Gordan that we all manage to  stay awake for Heath Ledger’s final performance of one of comics most iconic villains of all time. Oh yeah and Aaron Eckhart is here too.

RPG Commentaries: Batman Begins


We are in the final stretch for The Batman marathon! Dragon and Iggy magically warp from a world of colors into a world not unlike their own. Dark, oppressing, and……REALISTIC! It’s time for the RPG crew to examine Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, so with that being said let’s see what happens when Batman isn’t the focus anymore…Also Thomas Wayne is no longer Adolph Hitler, but is now Jesus Christ…..

RPG Commentaries: Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin poster

Look people we eventually had to commentate over this movie, so let’s just get this over with. Neither Mr.Dragon and I know exactly what’s going on. It’s time for all the ice puns in the world, and no bat credit card to pay it all back. Let’s end the bright era of Batman with a bang before we dive into Darkness.




RPG Commentaries: Batman Forever


Holy neon colors Batman! It’s that time once again for Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy to join the caped crusader on another colorful adventure. For some reason Jim Carey has invaded Gotham City, along with Bruce Wayne’s 25 year old adoptive son. How inept could the Gotham City police be this time around? Plus why can’t Nicole Kidman make up her mind? All this and more on RPG Commentaries!

Iggy’s World: Shantae and The Pirates Curse


Have you heard of a game through the power of social media? Well for me that game happens to be Shantae and The Pirates Curse. For those that are curious I have never played the previous two games so I went into this one blind. Well mostly blind, when I was told that the Shantae series was rooted in the Metroidvania style gameplay my interests were peaked.  Can someone who’s never played a Shantae game before jump right in? Well I’m here to see if it’s true.
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The Warriors Three

Kickin all sorts of Asgard


While he gropes himself with eunuch fists, I sow my sole into his teeth and finger him for cash.


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