D&T Commentaries: Better Off Dead


The month of scares has finally ended and it’s time for some wholesome family fun as winter sets. So what better way to kick of holiday season than a commentary with The Marvelous Iggy and Mr. Dragon about a movie that discusses suicide in a way that is not only relatable but also extremely funny. Now if you’ll excuse me the paper wants his two dollars and we’ve gotta run!


D&T Commentaries: Scream 2


Halloween month comes to a close this year and Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy tackle a sequel from a movie they covered last year. Does Scream 2 live up to the greatness of Scream 2? Did Hideo Kojima get inspiration from this film for Metal Gear Solid 2? Grab your candy and your loved ones, it’s another spooky edition of Dragon & Turtle Commentaries!


D&T Commentaries: Re-animator


What happens when you mix a story by HP Lovecraft and the original Doctor Frankenstein story? Well ladies and gentlemen you get this beautiful mess known as the Re-animator. Join Mr.Dragon & The Marvelous Iggy as they look at the odd film from the 1980’s with laughter and bewilderment, details later.

D&T Commentaries: Ghostbusters (1984)


BUSTING MAKES US….. argue about Billy Murray’s character, and that means Halloween Month rolls on! This particular commentary was recorded live, so grab your proton packs as both Mr. Dragon & The Marvelous Iggy start busting some ghosts! Also we only mention the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, in case you wanted to know that before hand.

D&T Commentaries: Alien


I want to apologize, this was a week late and for some reason the original post didn’t even save. Regardless it’s time for Halloween once again as Mr.Dragon & The Marvelous Iggy head to deep space where nobody can hear their commentaries. Grab your space suits, IT’S HALLOWEEN BITCHES!!

D&T Commentaries: The Da Vinci Code


Grab your magnifying glasses my friends it’s time to solve the mystery that is Jesus Christ’s divinity in this edition of Dragon & Turtle Commentaries! Warning if you are sensitive to Christianity being discussed in a bad light you might want to steer from this particular commentary. Also Mr.Dragon & The Marvelous Iggy apologize for the sniffling, we are both dealing with allergies.


D&T Commentaries: Clerks


Let’s rewind the clock to a cult classic that kickstarted the career of nerd legend Kevin Smith, that of course is Clerks! Join Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy as they discuss their first independent movie as they discuss their personal stories as sales clerks themselves. It gets a bit real for The Marvelous Iggy and Mr.Dragon towards the end, but it’s in spirit of the movie! All this and much more on the latest Dragon & Turtle Commentaries!



D&T Commentaries: Street Fighter II The Animated Movie

street-fighter-ii-the-animated-movie-images-c030954b-df9f-4e07-87ec-9d80f32f935┬áBecause The Marvelous Iggy can’t help himself, the celebration of the 25th anniversary for Street Fighter II continues this time with Mr.Dragon by his side. Join us as Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy talk about the Street Fighter legacy and why Mr.Dragon absolutely hates charge characters. Grab your Gi’s and get ready to spar in the wilderness for this iteration of Dragon & Turtle Commentaries!

D&T Commentaries: Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice


The time has finally come ladies and gentlemen, Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy return to the DCU to discuss the most controversial superhero movie of recent memory. Kuhan rejoins us once again and midway through the commentary Joe M. Cuevas joins the fray as all four commentators give their thoughts on the DC Extended Universe, the problems this film had, why Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are two brights spots in a dull world of grey, and Iggy does his best to praise this film in some fashion. All this and more on this extended Dragon & Turtle Commentaries!

Click for a commentary on the Ultimate Edition of BVS and Iggy’s initial thoughts of the theatrical release with Kuhan and Joe!


D&T Commentaries: Across The Universe


Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the latest Dragon & Turtle Commentary! It’s our first musical here, and it’s is celebrated by millions of fans around the world. Both Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy talk about their opinions of The Beatles and how their music changed an entire generation, and how an artist can make mean one thing yet a fan can take it to mean something else. Also Bono shows up because he is the walrus.

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