Bioshock Infinite Review

So I’m gonna go right ahead and say it, this game blew my fucking mind with it’s ending but we shall cover more on that later. Coming into this year I had my gaming sights set on the Tomb Raider reboot, Dead Space 3 and Injustice Gods Among Us. Bioshock Infinite was the one I could have cared less about (similar to how I felt about the Mass Effect franchise last year) simply because it was a FPS game and I get severe headaches from playing them. Then reviews started coming in and the game started receiving universal praise, so I decided to drop down the money and see what this game had in store.

The story hooked me within the first minutes of the game with it’s wonderful sense of design for steampunk and early 20th century America and everything feels authentic. While the plot does start out as simplified rescue mission, as events unfold the game takes a unique left turn that prevented me from not putting down the controller and continuing the adventure to see what sort of craziness that Booker and Elizabeth will run into. I won’t ruin this for anyone because just like Red Dead Redemption this is a experience that needs to witnessed first hand.

The gameplay is your typical shooter where you have a two gun limit, which is a bit of a downer since some of the guns duplicate and only change in color scheme or a slight different function. However what makes the gameplay unique are vigors and skyhooks. Vigors (powered by salts) are different abilities Booker will gain and add a new depth to the combat system, some include shooting electricity, using water to bring your enemies to you and my personal favorite using crows as weapon (yes you can do that). Skyhooks are extremely fun and bring that roller coaster feel when riding them and the ever so satisfaction when you jump off a skyhook and knock a enemy Columbia, not every level has them but when it does they are well placed and bring the excitement level up another level.

The AI in this game is possibly the best AI in a game this year, Enemy AI will bring challenges to you as a player (especially on harder difficulties) and you never feel like you are just mowing down mindless zombies even when you factual are. Elizabeth has to be the best AI partner in recent memory, while Elizabeth doesn’t help in direct combat she is constantly looking around the area for money, salts, ammo, and med kits to aid you. However don’t  use her as a crutch, because while she will toss you things they will be random, you will die if you rely on Elizabeth to much.

The only criticism I have of this game is the enemy type doesn’t really change after the first couple of levels and that the guns don’t have that much of variety and most players will stick to two of their favorite guns throughout the game.

Overall while I don’t agree that Bioshock Infinite is the game that defines our generation, I can say that this is game should and most likely will go down as a GOTY candidate. I encourage people to go out and by this game and immerse yourself in the world and prepared to have your mind blown.

Bioshock Infinite recives a 9.5/10


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