The Last of Us Review

This has to be tied with Bioshock Infinite with one of the most anticipated games in the recent memory. Just as Uncharted 3 was hitting store shelves Naughty Dog revealed their next game… The Last of Us. Now you combine the near universal praise for Naughty Dog and when actual game play was revealed, PS3 owners began salivating for it’s release. Now flash forward to June 2013 and the game is finally out and does it live up to the hype? Well lets put in the disc to find out. Also if you do not wish to be spoiled do not read further.

Let’s start off with the story, which is your basic post apocalyptic journey across America to search for a cure for an infection of unknown origin. Yeah not really original in that sense however that isn’t why this particular story should be remembered for Joel and Ellie. Joel is basically a emotionally damaged man and Ellie is a wise cracking fourteen year old girl who happens to b immune the virus when bitten. Joel is then asked to take this girl across the country so that a cure can be made from her blood. What makes this story great is that the writers do an excellent job at (especially as the game goes on) the player is given more and more reason to care about Ellie and Joel kinship and most of it is through actual game play, By the time the actual game is over you will see Joel and Ellie come turn completely around each other.

Now while the story may not be original in terms of the main plot, the in game mechanics is what pushes The Last of Us to amazing territory. The core of The Last of Us is a survival horror game, with a dash of stealth and action adventure. Managing your resources are key in this game, you as a player will want to look up and down each area for any kind ammo, items to make key weapons and upgrade tools to upgrade not only Joel but how fast he can heal himself or how many weapons he can hold. Through out most of the game you will stumble into an level filled with either Infected or other humans in your way to the next objective, but it up to each player to decide how they go about completing the objective, do you sneak past, shoot, or stealth kill you way through. No tutorial to tell you how to go about, reminds this reviewer of Metal Gear Solid in that aspect. What is even more appealing is that if you tried to sneak past and mess up (and you might) not every single enemy will reign down on you, and you are given the chance of hiding again and conserve your resources. The Last of Us does have the occasional gun play segments, but you are given enough resources to survive and but not enough to relax from the game.

The level design is fantastic, each area is wonderfully detailed and you can tell that Naughty Dog to quality time to make sure that each area was done to near perfection. While the world overall has the same tone, no one area feels nor looks the same and each new playground brings it’s own challenges and personal experiences to enjoy.

Now just like Bioshock Infinite, a problem I had with this game is enemy variety but with The Last of Us it feels more like a nitpick. You really only see three types of infected and the other half will be against humans with various agendas they pretty much attack and defend in the same way.

Overall The Last of Us is a near perfect game with great characters and great gameplay. If you own a PS3 there is no reason to not own a copy of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us receives a 9.5/10


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