Project X Zone: Review

So needless to say I was very excited for this game when I first got wind off it. As stated above I love it when characters from different franchises meet each other. This one is a bit different in that (especially with a majority of the Namco and Sega characters) I had no idea who these people are. I purchased this game because it had X and Zero and the combination of the real time strategy game play. So I’m going to preface this review by saying that I hyped this game of my own volition and my score of this game should not discourage you from at least experiencing this interesting little package. Before I move on though it should be noted that when you do get voice overs, the voice actors are still Japanese, and no you can’t switch to an English dub. I know for a fact that this little situation can be a deciding factor for some players so now you know.

So the question that most gamers will ask, how good and what is the story about? Well the story centers around cheerleader Mii Koryuji and detective Kogoro Tenzai and a robbery of her family relic the portal stone, and thus chaos ensues. Mii and Kogoro are soon transported to various different worlds that are past/present/future and even the computer world of the .hackers. The end game revolves around a group called Oros Phox and their goals to merge all realities into one single reality. When it comes to actual story progression while playing the game itself, it all boils down to these basic words. “Who are you?” “I’m ***** and I don’t know how we got here but there are a lot of enemies.” *bad guy shows up* “You foiled us for now and we will vaguely hint at our supreme plane MUWAHAHAHAHA!!” Which then rinses and repeats for the next 40 chapters  and over 50 hours. Yes you read that right but more on that in a bit. The game’s story is fine, but if there ever was a case for a game that is stretched way to thin, then Project X Zone is exhibit A. So if you can handle tons of filler chapter then you should be just fine.

Okay time to move onto the game play. Now Project X Zone is truly a unique mix of a real time strategy layout and character movement, but when it come to the actual encounter between enemy units and the characters you control, the mechanics quickly switch to a fighting game play style. Your units are a combination of two characters (and as you progress a solo unit that functions as a third member in a given unit) and you not only attempt to defeat the enemy unit, your secondary goal is to gain XP.  XP is your main key to use super moves (one per unit) map attacks, and using a unique skills like adding defense or attacking stats or even healing your allies or the individual unit itself. The combat animations are great eye candy and will surely give fans of Marvel Vs. Capcom a welcome return. As you move into the game you will gain more attack combos to use in battle, and a little detail that should be mentioned is that using a healing item during a characters turn won’t end their turn and still allows you to move to another position or attack. Now while all that may seem cool, the combat for this game is pretty shallow and the rts elements are bare bones. You can’t decided what units you take in a given battle, there are no item shops to purchase health upgrades. So if you are a hardcore fan of real time strategy games and want to buy this game on that factor alone, then I would advise you to spend your money on something else. By saying that I will that if you just want to experience it the crazy story and fun attack animations then by all means jump right in.

The game graphics are splendid, the sprites are amazing to look at and call back to a time when having the most realistic graphics didn’t equal an amazing game. The level design while doesn’t really add to a more a whole lot to the during missions,  they are really nice to look at and some of them are really have cool layout design.

Now here is where I might lose some people. While this game is fun and has an addicting quality, Project X zone should be in the dictionary when the word repetitive is being looked up. Everything I have mentioned in the paragraphs above you be doing that for over 50 hours!!!! Add to the fact that after chapter 20 the boss begin to be recycled and the only solution that the developers have for making the game more difficult is adding more boss type enemies and more enemies in general. If this game was condensed down to 25 or 30 chapters it would been a better experience. Listen game developers adding more enemies and more bosses towards the games final levels should not be how a games end.

Overall Project X Zones lives and dies on the characters plus the  combination of the cross battle animations. Hardcore fans of real time strategy should stay away and if you hate waves upon waves upon of enemies, then you should also pass. If you mind neither of these things then I say try the demo and go from there.

Project X Zone receives a 5/10


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