Level Select Thursdays: Victory Road Gen V


AT THE TIME OF THIS POST WE ARE LESS THAN 48 HOURS FROM THE RELEASE OF POKEMON X AND Y!!! Now while I am super excited for Pokemon X and Y, I wouldn’t even be this excited if it wasn’t for the excellent Pokemon White. Like a lot of people I fell out the Pokemon fad back in 2003 and I lost track in the franchise. Fast forward to 2013 and I have surrounded myself with friends who love Pokemon and kept up with the franchise. This all lead me to purchase Pokemon White for the DS and I instantly fell in love all over again. Now while the ultimate goal is to catch them all, my favorite part of the game was Victory Road and Generation five’s Victory Road is my favorite iteration. Let’s find out why shall we?

Now I haven’t played the fourth Generation of Pokemon so I have no idea if this version of Victory Road had it’s roots begin in either in generation three or generation four. What I immediately love about this version of the Elite Four is the music and not simply the battle theme music, but the “build up” music as I call it. I’m a former athlete and music played an pivotal part in a lead up to any game and I was happy that same feeling is replicated here. It makes the player feel antsy and builds the anticipation towards fighting four fights in a row against some of the toughest opponents in the game.  Combine all this with the actual battle music that plays while you are fighting against The Elite Four and you have a recipe for perfection here.

Now I’m not gonna but while I did love generation’s one and two of Pokemon, I have to say that outside the trainers themselves the Elite Four did nothing for. Now I can accept that for the Game Boy Color that they had work within limitations of said console, but they still come off as bland and empty. Nothing special and the Elite Four to me simply felt just like another gym battle. Now I am aware that Fire Red and Leaf seem to have “fixed” this issue but I’ve seen those while I like the added details and music it still feels boring. The presentation here in Generation is sheer perfection, my favorite part being the roller coaster ride leading up to each individual battle. It feels more like a high profile boxing match is about to take place instead of a Pokemon battle, which for me was a much needed improvement over previous installments of Pokemon.

Being able to choose what member of The Elite Four you go after is such a relief as it allows the player for trial and error, which is always a great thing in my opinion. The Elite Four themselves are an interesting combination of Dark, Ghost, Psychic and Fighting types and they were all (as to be expected) just as challenging from previous generations of Pokemon

Now what makes this my personal form of Victory Road is what occurs after defeating The Elite Four and story elements take center stage and instead of fighting the champion you fight N and Team Plasma who have taken over Victory Road and it’s up to you to save the day. Kicking the best Pokemon trainers butts and save them? Simply awe inspiring. Plus you actually get to face these guys again to face the true champion Adler when you complete the rest of Unova, so there is that to look forward to.

I’m just gonna say that if you dropped off with Pokemon back in 2003 then come now for generation five and generation 6 of course, trust me you’ll feel like your a kid playing Pokemon again for the very first time.


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