Top Ten Fridays: Favorite Mavericks From Megaman X


Look it’s not going to be a shock when I post this, but the Megaman X line of games are some of my favorite games and to this day (thanks to the PS2 collection) I’ll replay some of the games in a single sitting. I didn’t grow up playing the classic series of Megaman until 1995 with Megaman 7 for the SNES, so for me X was what Megaman is and continues to be for me. So without further introduction here are my Top Ten favorite Mavericks from Megaman X.

#10 Crystal Snail


As a kid and even to this day I have this weird obsessions with gems and crystals and who else fits that description better than ole Crystal Snail himself. I love how relaxing his music is and it gives you a false sense of security. The boss fight itself is actually pretty challenging even with his weakness. Some of the secrets in his stage are pretty hard to get but gives you that oh so sweet feeling of achievement when you find and get them,

#9 Armored Armadillo


Armored Armadillo’s stage sets up something that will be a theme for the remainder of this list, but one of the things I love about this is when you ride on the tracks and just mow down everything in your path, something about it just made me love it as a kid. The music for this stage has a great upbeat tempo to it, but with subtle hints of what is to come. While the fight against him is a complete joke with spark shot, without it he is one of the toughest fights in X1 but with enough patience he can be defeated. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it though, I still can’t.

#8 Vile


At number eight we have the first real Maverick that anybody who has played Megaman X gone up against. Vile is one of the core reasons why Megaman X is so good. The developers do a great job of making the players feel helpless against him thus making the final battle with him in Sigma’s fortress one that is oh so satisfying. I know he returns in X3 and I think X8? but I don’t have memories of playing X3 and I’m sure I didn’t play X8. That still doesn’t detract how much you wanted to kick his ass. Plus his music adds on to the dread, it’s all a wonderful masterpiece.

#7 Spark Mandrill


At number seven we have everybody’s favorite treat in Spark Mandrill. Now while I love his stage, the fight against Spark Mandrill with the ice shot is even more of a joke than Spark Mandrill. Unless you suck really bad at games you won’t even get hit against him, it’s kinda funny to see this giant hulking baboon robot be helpless. The black out gimmick is actually pretty cool and it’s done right with few bottomless pits and I wish more games would incorporate dark room segments. I don’t really have to say much about the music for this stage but the guitar riff is iconic and it’s the only X1 theme that I can hum without stopping.

#6 Slash Beast


From Megaman X4 we have Slash Beast and I’ve always wondered why he isn’t called Slash Lion. Anyways what I love about the stage is the constant moving train, I know it isn’t something that was established in X4, but this is one of favorite “moving” levels. The western backround in the first act of the stage is visually pretty and gives that old cowboy feel when you glance at it. The fight against Slash Beast is pretty easy with Zero but I had quite a challenge with Slash Beast.

#5 Wheel Gator


Starting the top five we have another X2 Maverick in Wheel Gator. I simply adore that Wheel Gator’s stage is on a moving dinosaur tank and you are given zero explanation to why he is there. We didn’t need it back then it just looked cool. The illusion of the tank moving and when you reach the end of level the stage turns to dark giving the subtle message of time passing. It’s a small thing but if you haven’t noticed I love minor details. The music is one my personal favorites and it’s the one that will pop up at random times for me. The boss fight against Wheel Gator is pretty challenging without his weakness, but remember it’s all about the timing.

#4 Storm Eagle


At the number four slot we have our favorite predator of the skies, STORM EAGLE!! I simply love Storm Eagle’s level design it’s just so wonderfully crafted mixed in the perfect enemy placement allowing for a challenging but not easy experience. The music here is just so damn catchy, mixing in with a rock and roll motif but with a dash of high energy beats you get from techno music. It’s an odd combination but it damn works. The fight against Storm Eagle isn’t hard at all even with the mega buster. It all comes down to timing and dodging skills.

#3 Jet Sting Ray


At number three we have our resident lord of the seas in Jet Sting Ray. Now Jet Sting Ray’s level is one of my favorite levels due to the water bike that X/Zero rides during 98% of the level. The bike controls well and you always feel responsible when you die or get caught, which is how it should be. The music is odd bit of aquatic ambiance but cranked up to 11. That it while it sounds odd, simply works for this stage. The boss fight against him is pretty much a joke if you have Frost Walrus’s weapon, but without and if you play as Zero then you should have a decent time fighting this guy,

#2 Sigma


At number 2 we have the fallen Maverick Hunter Sigma. Shocked that he isn’t number 1? Well since (outside of Vile) he’s the only Maverick that repeats I simply enjoy the challenge that each Sigma boss battle begins, while some are easier than others (glares at X3) I always felt that oh so sweet satisfaction when I downed his multiple forms. My personal favorite Sigma battle has to come from Megman X2, it was the right balance difficulty but not cheap.

#1 Magma Dragoon


Finally at the number one spot we have Magma Dragoon. He’s possibly the only Maverick who has a bit of a story behind him before you fight him, as he is presented as a non Maverick at the beginning of the game and when you fight and beat him you are shown a reploid who has been manipulated. It tugged at my heart strings a bit to know I killed a potential ally. His music feels as if it’s out of Street Fighter which is perfect considering his move set (he uses both a Hadoken and a Shoryuken). The battle with Magma Dragoon is my favorite due to it feeling like a clash of warriors and you have to bring your A game against him. Fighting him as Zero is pretty tough but fighting him as Megaman with his weakness makes the fight easier but don’t feel bad if you go that way.

And That ladies and gentlemen are my top ten Mavericks from Megman X. Now I know many of these are from X1,X2, and X4 but those are my personal favorites of the series so nothing against the other Mavericks. So until Monday stay cool everybody.


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