Level Select Thursdays: The Tanker Mission MGS2


It’s time once again for another installment of Level Select Thursdays, and this time we dive into the wonderful world that is Metal Gear Solid. Now at this point in time, I haven’t played Metal Gear Solid 1 (please don’t hurt me). I received the Metal Gear HD collection last year for Christmas and I was instantly hooked. I’m currently plaything through Metal Gear Solid 4 and I am loving it. I have to come to respect Hideo Kojima as one the brilliant minds in video games working today. So now let’s see the mission that got me hooked onto the Metal Gear franchise. The Tanker Incident.

So, Kojima and company waste no time with getting the player right into the thick of things, as you control the legendary Solid Snake in this sneaking mission. While I was extremely frustrated at the beginning with how the game controls, after playing for several hours I gradually became use to the controls. The controls are not bad at all, but first time players be warned that it does take some getting used to. I recommend playing on easy mode to get a full understanding of said controls. I know once I mastered the controls it became oh so satisfying whenever I knocked out an enemy from behind or was able to cross a slew of enemies without setting off the alarm.

There are so many Easter eggs in the Tanker mission it’s not even funny. While that may not appeal to a person who simply wants to experience an interesting story, some of them are quite hilarious  and (not in my case) if you played Metal Gear Solid 1 you will get some references that others won’t.

While a lot of games today take the linear approach, this mission lets you decide how you sneak your way through the tanker. You are given an objective and a goal, but it’s up to you to find the correct path. I’ll say this that just like in Super Metroid, it pays off to explore as you will find newer weapons or health pickups that makes the journey a bit easier.  Be in mind though that some of these hidden Easter eggs are well hidden so always be on the look out.

The one boss battle you go up against is Olga who works for the Russians and here is where I admired Kojima even more. Sticking to what the game has established, it is up to you on how to defeat Olga. You the player are Solid Snake and you have to figure out how to take her based on your own wits. It makes you feel more immersed in the world, rather than some random character telling you how to accomplish a goal. The battle itself isn’t really that special, but I had a huge smile when I realized what I needed to accomplish.

The music is pitch perfect as it’s nothing rip roaring, but it adds to the mood and just like any great score does it brings the players more into the wonderful world of Metal Gear. It’s not as iconic as the theme from Metal Gear Solid 1 or even Snake Eater but it does what needs to be done and sometimes you can’t ask for more than that.

The cool thing about this entire level is that this a tutorial section for the Plant Mission, and I was shocked when I discovered this. While I don’t want every game to take this idea and use it every for other game I do love Kojima for doing it here. I highly recommend anybody to give this franchise a shot, especially if you want something a little different.


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