Level Select Thursdays: Happy Happy Village


Well we are, this time around we are discussing a cult classic. This game is known as Earthbound or Mother 2 for our Japanese friends. I have heard about this game for nearly 12 years and how amazing it is, but the sad part was that I could (and other players) not play the game. So the legend of Earthbound grew into something that has become legend to certain people. Well earlier this year Nintendo released it for the Wii U virtual console and it was the first digital game I purchased. So what makes Happy Happy Village a special area? Well let’s find out shall we?

So right off the bat the music here is absolutely unsettling, especially after the cheerful music that is Twoson. I’ve played tons of survival horror games and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am freaked out by music and the general atmosphere from horror based games. I didn’t think it was possible to feel unnerved by music in a seemingly cheerful RPG. It’s not even music in that traditional sense but rather it’s more haunting noise.

What makes this area  that much creepier? The fact that it’s run by a cult society! Yes they even call themselves a cult. The developers were not afraid to get right in your face about, and it’s not even the enemies that you will encounter along but it’s rather the NPCS who solidify the unsettling tone in Happy Happy Valley. Sure now it doesn’t seem that outrageous to have something like this in a game, but in context any player will see the undertones for the general creepiness. Plus as I’ve played on the game, it only get’s worse. You have warned.

Normally I write about enemies and bosses but this is one instance where you need to play the game to see what it’s like fighting cult members and evil moles. Fighting the enemies (just like the rest of the game) is simply in a area that is both fascinating and also strange. The battle system itself is simple but it’s the music that plays and what certain enemies will do to that left me scratching my head, furthering the immersion.

At least here you gain your second party member who will help tremendously but fight a few enemies to level her up so she doesn’t die in one hit. Before I wrap this up, this little escaped continues to show that Pokey ( a character you meet at the start of the game) is just a fat piece of shit who needs to have his ass handed to him. He’s like a unfunny Eric Cartmen, and less racist.

Earthbound is a game I fully believe that all gamers should play and while the actual gameplay itself won’t wow you it’s the general atmosphere and odd dialog that will stick with you.


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