Top Ten Fridays: Favorite Video Games of 2013


Well folks in less than two weeks the year 2013 will come to a close, and that’s a shame because this year was one of the better gaming years of recent memories. So many great games came out this year that it was actually hard to put this list together, I shutter to think on the actual number when you add it all up. Before I get this list started that I don’t own a X-Box 360 nor do I own a gaming PC so if you don’t see something related to a PC or a Microsoft console well there’s your answer. Let’s start this countdown!

#10 DMC: Devil May Cry


First up we have the controversial reboot for DMC: Devil May Cry. I’m gonna be honest, I have no connection with the previous Devil May Cry series so I can only judge this game as it’s own thing without any bias. I simply adored this game. The action never lets up with all the various weapons you can use, and in fact you will actually use all of them to get your score higher. The boss battles are simply top notch spectacle that makes me want to play them over and over again. While the story and characters aren’t the highlights of the game, they do a good enough job of making it an enjoyable experience.

#9 Dead Space 3


At number eight we have everyone’s favorite survival horror series with Dead Space 3. With the third installment of the series the developers went for a more action oriented plot and game style but that doesn’t prevent the game from having it’s terrifying moments. While it isn’t as scary as Dead Space 1 or Psychologically thrilling as Dead Space 2, the story does a great job of expanding the necromorph myth. The Co-op is fantastic and in certain areas of the game, it enhances the fear when individual players hear and see different things or your thrown into different situations. Dead Space 3 is a worthy conclusion to the series

#8 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team


Much like DMC, I never ventured into the RPG series of Mario heck until this year I didn’t touch Super Mario RPG. To put it simply this game has made me fallen in love with the concept of a Mario RPG. The visuals alone are worth the price of admission, with this being the Pillo Kingdom, Alpha Dream was able to create new enemies and surroundings for our brothers to explore. The boss battles are fun with the right mix of challenge and the writing is just so effing adorable that you will giggle at it’s cuteness. I sincerely hope that we are treated to another Mario and Luigi RPG for the 3DS.

#7 Fire Emblem Awakening


This is the game that started the year of the 3DS and made people actually believe that the 3DS is a worth while system to own. The story is fantastic and as the game progressive the story it enters into an odd emotional setting with outright depressing scenes. I am a huge fan of strategy RPG’s made me love this game that much more, figuring out where and when to move my units is always fun in this game. I could literally spend all day on this, but I’ll this that Fire Emblem Awakening is a must own for any 3DS owner.

#6 Pokemon X and Y


While Fire Emblem Awakening is what made gamers realize the potential of the 3DS, it was Pokemon X and Y that became the system seller. I haven’t played a new Pokemon game since generation 3 and I made the right decision to come back. While the game is still virtually the same since it launched back in the mid 90’s, it’s the little things that makes generation 6 stand out. The new 3D graphics make Pokemon battles a visual flare, plus earning experience from catching Pokemon is a huge bonus. While the story isn’t anything to write home about, there was one moment that had me shed a minor tear. Pokemon X and Y is a perfect Pokemon game for all new and old fans.

#5 Tomb Raider


At number five, we have the second reboot with Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider. The original trilogy on the PS1 were some of my favorite games and made Lara Croft one of my favorite characters of all time. This reboot did everything right in my opinion. It was amazing to actually see Lara grow as a character throughout the game as obstacles and challenges stood in her way. The graphics are simply astonishing with each area of the island feeling different and unique to explore. While I was a bit worried that Lara wasn’t going to have her iconic two gun pistols, the bow and arrow make up for that in full. Exploring hidden tombs and solving puzzles change the game up so that the gun play segments don’t start to feel stale. This was a worthy reboot the series, and I want Crystal Dynamics gets a chance to take this Lara on another world wide adventure.

#4 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


You can call me bias, but frankly I really don’t care. That doesn’t change the fact that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the best Zelda game since Majoras Mask. This is the best looking game on the 3DS to date, and it does a excellent job of capturing the feel of A Link To The Past. The real magic of this game is the fact it’s open ended, meaning (after the second dungeon) you can explore any dungeon in any order you want and that such a fun way to experiment when you want to replay the game. While the story follows the trope of previous Zelda games it’s the twist ending that makes it stand out and that much more memorable. This game is perfect for new Zelda players and fans of the SNES classic.

#3 Bioshock Infinite


Heading into 2013 this was the game I was least interested in. I had never played the original Bioshock, but after hearing the reviews I just had to check this game out. I usually don’t play first person shooters but I am glad I stuck around for this one. I wrote a review on this so I’ll keep it short, the gameplay is standard and doesn’t do anything ground breaking. It was the engaging story that made me connect with Booker and Elizabeth during their journey in Columbia, add in the gorgeous city of Columbia and this game is such a treat. Having played the original Bioshock makes me see’s the flaws in this one but that doesn’t take away from this master piece.

#2 Super Mario 3D World


I wanted to hate this game, and I mean that will all honesty. Especially after seeing it at E3 with Nintendo toting it as the 3D Mario that we all wanted, then I played the game. This is the best Mario game in such a long time, or at least the best since Galaxy 2. This game has the most diverse level design I’ve seen for a 3D platformer. You’ll never know what sorta design you will see as you progress from stage to stage. The music is just such a joy to listen to, the best part is that it’s for the most part it’s all new music and any old music is remixed nicely and filled with fun nostalgia. This is the game to own on the Wii U even if you are tired of seeing Mario all the time.

#1 The Last of Us


When you talk about  complete package for a game, from story to game play and of course visuals is something that every game aspires to. Very few games nearly hit this mark but they ultimately fall short of the goal line. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is the definition of a complete package for a game. While the story at it’s core isn’t ground breaking, it’s the characters themselves that made the world feel alive connecting the player in this world. The fact that this game is a survivor horror game at it’s core just makes me love this game that much more, there is no better thrill then trying to sneak your way past a horde of clickers while conserving your ammo.

There you have, that is my list for my favorite games for 2013. Think I’m wrong? Then post your top ten in the comments. 2014 here we come!


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