Top Ten Fridays: Favorite Generation VI Pokemon!


As I posted in my Top Ten games of 2013, Pokemon X and Y is the best Pokemon to date. However before the game launched there was a outcry that there wasn’t enough new Pokemon. There were only 69 new Pokemon for this gen, the fewest than any previous other Pokemon game. However at least in my opinion this has lead the entire Pokemon team to create cooler looking Pokemon who stand toe to toe with any other Pokemon. Just to give notice I won’t be putting any mega evolved Pokemon due to them not actually counting in the pokedex, so without further ado let’s get started.

#10 Vivilion


Kicking off the number 10 spot is Vivillion, the resident butterfly for the Kalos region. Now while Vivillion doesn’t have amazing stats and the odds of players keeping on their respective Pokemon teams are slim to none. However I love it’s design and depending on where you are in the world it’s wings change color. So it’s on the list for that reason alone.

#9 Florges


At number nine we have our first fairy Pokemon in Florges! In my first run of this game I skipped out on using a Flabebe cause I thought it looked weak even though the design was lovely. Once I fully evolved her, she became an instant favorite of mine. She has awesome special attack and special defense, plus there is no better satisfaction than taking out a powerful Dragon with Moonblast or another fairy move.

#8 Gourgeist


At number eight we have the odd combination of a Ghost/Grass combination with Gourgeist. This Pokemon starts a bit of a theme for me but I love that Gourgeist can not only take hits but also dish out hits as hell. From a design aspect it’s really creepy and it’s battle cry adds to that. Plus having it use flamethrower on unsuspecting grass Pokemon is just fun.

#7 Noivern


At number seven we have that newest dragon Pokemon joining the ranks with Noivern! Now I never used a Noivern I have it’s previous from in Noibat but by the time you run into one of these guys in the game your team should be pretty much set. I faced one of my friends in a friendly Pokemon battle and he unleashed Noivern, and it was a monster. Not only is Noivern fast, but when it hits it hits really damn hard. I love that the ears of Noivern are something akin to a speaker, making it look distinct from any other Dragon.

#6 Pyroar


At number 6 we have our first new fire Pokemon with Pyroar! Now if you ask any of my personal friends I have a rabid love affair with Water and Fire Pokemon. Although it seems to me that fire Pokemon have received less love, but generation six changes that for me at least. The cool little detail that I love about Pyroar is that he’s fire/normal. Now while that may seem unimaginative with him being normal means he isn’t affected by Ghost moves and that makes me giddy. It adds a new level of strategy when facing a Pyroar or using it in battle.

#5 Heliolisk


At number six we have the only new electric type for generation six in Heliolisk! Now I admit this guy I love this guy for two reasons and two reasons only, number 1 he’s fast (and you can make him faster) and the black covering his face makes him look like Batman. The downside is that he can’t really take that much of a beating but I still love him.

#4 Aegislash


At number four we have everyone’s favorite new ghost/steel pokemon in Aegislash! Now when everybody first saw Honedge people lost their shit at the possibilities. Little did we all know that his fully evolved form would kick even more butt! What makes Aegislash really cool is it’s ability called stance change, which allows it to changes form based on what is going on in the battle. It’s also one of the more unique looking Pokemon that it’s hard to believe it’s actually a Pokemon. If you see a Honedge catch you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

#3 Talonflame


At number three we have the awesome fire bird in Talonflame! Here is where I feel like a idiot, because Talonflames first form is just another bird and shows no indication of it being a fire type. While Talonflame speed helps and having it use flamethrower makes it better against ice types it’s the move brave bird that makes this Pokemon awesome. Don’t skip out on this guy.

#2 Hawlucha


At number 2 we have everyone’s favorite lucha libre in Hawlucha! Here we have another new type combination with flying/fighting and Hawlucha is that much awesome for it. Being Hispanic I grew up watching American wrestling and Lucha Libre so from a design aspect it was cool to see a Pokemon reflect that. His move flying press is great because it’s both a fighting and a flying type move. Hawlucha is great addition to the Pokedex.

#1 Chestnaught


At number one we have the best tank in the world in Chestnaught! I love this pure and simple, as Chespin was the starter I chose and I wasn’t disappointed at all. His ability to take damage and dish out even more damage is just fantastic especially for how I like to set up my teams. Plus he looks like a Maverick from the Mega Man X series so that’s a nice bonus for me. I love Chesnaught and so should you.

So there you have it, my favorite Pokemon from Generation VI so if you happen to disagree with my list feel free to post your Top Ten in the comments or tweet me. Pokeball go!


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