Level Select Thursdays: Squid Adler


For a a majority of Level Select Thursday post I’ve been positive for the most part, with the occasional nitpick here and there but nothing to severe.  Simply because it’s way to easy to be negative and I generally don’t like being negative, there are plenty of other reviewers out there for that. Originally this was going to kick off a month dedicated to various games on Sega’s consoles, that all changed when I played X5.  After playing this level for a few mere minutes, I began to question my sanity and how could any level designer accept this stage as a finished product. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the worst level in Mega Man X history.

I’ll kick off this little festive post with the music and how it’s the most unmemorable piece of music for a Megaman game period. It doesn’t inspire any sort of feeling. Hell I even forgot that there was a soundtrack until I looked it up on Youtube. The only reason I’m even complaining about this is because Mega Man X set a high standard for awesome music (X3 withstanding) but even X3’s overuse of the guitar is more memorable than Squid Adler’s stage.

The cycle section for Squid Adler’s stage is in my opinion is the worst stage in any game I’ve ever played. While it it isn’t broken and it works fine and you can get past it it will break your thumbs. It requires exact timing that will I repeat will have the nicest gamers enter a state of pure rage, then feel a slight ray  of hope, then back to rage again. Boosting will either reward you or kill you depending on when and where you boost.
The actual nail in the coffin for the first part of Squid Adler’s stage is the trick to getting the Dr. Light capsule. Basically you have to grab each single pellet and if you miss one, then you don’t get access to the Dr.Light capsule. Therefore it increases rage factor by at least 10. I actually gave up and said fuck it, which I hated to do because I loved getting all the armor pieces in the X series and I won’t/can’t do it for X5.

The second half of the stage however is nowhere near as bad, at least in comparison to the previous section. Hell I love the fact that Squid Adler’s stage does give you more extra lives when you save reploids, so I take that as a small apology. The only thing that I dislike about this section are the gates which you have to hit regularly for it to open. It’s a bit tedious but not impossible.

The fight against Squid Adler himself is extremely easy. Fighting him with Mega Man without his weakness is a bit of a challenge but nothing a good X player can’t overcome. Zero on the other hand can outright destroy Squid Adler without any trouble and it’s laughable how easy of a fight this is.

I’m not a fan of X5 and this stage nearly embodies why I never want to continue with this game. It simply sucks any enthusiasm I had at the start of the game, leaving me a wounded soul asking why anyone on the development team thought this was okay. I promise something positive next week. Stay warm y’all.



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