Level Select Thursdays: Bomb-omb Battlefield


Now let’s take a time machine back to 1995, where Mario was the king of platformers! With the exception of Lost Levels, (and even that game has fans) and other characters tried to take his crown Mario still prevailed. Let’s face forward to September 1996 and for the first time in his young career Mario stepped into the third dimension. This was the launch title that would determine the success of the Nintendo 64 and what gamers would and could expect for console for years to come. I remember getting the N64 on Christmas with this as the game it came, and I will never forget December 25th 1996. So let’s pick up the controller dive in a painting shall we?

While people know Mario for his crazy jumping skills, it’s the music that becomes a key element to any Mario game. I’m being dead serious to me when I say that. I am happy to say that the theme for Bomb-omb oozes Mario, and for me it’s my second favorite Mario theme of all time. It’s so cheerful and catchy that you will find yourself either humming or whistling the theme. It always pains me when I see a top ten Mario songs list and this either be omitted or near the bottom.

So music only is only one aspect of a game, the most important aspect of any game no matter what platform it’s on is the controls and Nintendo pulled it off. Mario’s jumping ability felt so right and with this game and jumping on enemies feels even more satisfying with added ground bound. Needless to say Nintendo was able to crack the mystery code of making Mario playable in 3D, setting the standard for future 3D Mario games.

The thing about Bomb-omb Battle field is that there no actual platforming to be done here, it’s in fact a level to get use to control Mario in a 3D plane. That doesn’t stop this level from looking so great even by today’s standards. Everything is clearly presented and the enemies are never placed in an unfair position. What’s also fun about this level is this area also brings secrets to Mario! Now yes there were warp zones and warp whistles in the previous games this brought the idea of hidden secrets to a Zelda level. What I mean is that now you actual will want to explore to see what other secrets lay in store.

The only complaint (and at this point it’s a minor complaint) is that the camera can actually hurt a bit and the boss is pretty simple, but since this world is the tutorial world I can forgive it. I encourage all fans of Mario games who haven’t played this game to buy it off the Wii virtual console and experience the foundation for 3D Mario games.


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