Level Select Thursdays: Remember Me


Thanks to the awesomeness of Playstation Plus I was able to download one of their many free games they offer. If you’ve read the title of this particular post then you know that game is Remember Me from Dontnod Entertainment and produced by Capcom. I remember first seeing this game when I attended Wondercon last year and I intrigued to say the least. The concept of memories in a video game format has loads of potential. However I passed on this initially due to me wanting to play other games. Now that I have had the chance to play and beat the game I wanted to share my thoughts. So without further ado let’s dive into the world of Neo Paris.

The story revolves around recovering amnesiac Nilin who thanks to mysterious Edge helps her escape her death and recruits her to fight against the corrupt use of Sensen technology. I’ll stop there because there are a lot of cool revelations that I don’t want to spoil it. I will say that the actual story is compelling and when it dives more into what this memory technology can do it’s pretty frightening.

While following Nilin’s personal journey is interesting, the side characters that aid Nilin are cardboard cutouts that only service the plot at hand. Perfect example being when one of the side characters died, and Nilin is in anguish over it but I couldn’t care less. While the ending does sequel bait a bit, the main focus of the story does have a solid conclusion leaving me (and hopefully others) satisfied.

Visually Remember Me is a wonderful treat the eyes. Each area is rich with detail giving life to this virtual world. My personal favorites being the area’s involved in the actual city mixed into the old architecture of Paris blended in the sci-fi buildings. It has a distinct look, separating from the rest of the pack. However I couldn’t help but notice a Dead Space 2 influence when you were in any given facility. The use of lighting and hallway structure just reminded me of desolate hallways of the Sprawl.

The game play of Remember Me can be broken into four types, free flow combat, climbing, “stealth” and finally memory remixing. Let’s start off with combat.

Combat is similar to the Batman Arkham games in terms of look but instead of pressing one button to win you instead have to perform combos. That all sounds pretty standard, but what makes this unique is that you actually customize the effects your combos you have by assigning pressen and those can either heal, deal more damage, reduce cool down time for special attacks, and one that actually increases the effects of the previous pressens.

I did enjoy this mechanic and it made me think of what should I prioritize first and what should be last. However I personally found myself sticking with one set and not changing what I have before. Higher difficulties force you change but normal and below will rarely force you to change.

To make the combat a bit more interesting you are given several S-pressens which are special moves and they do spice of the fighting segments but you will find yourself using others over some, especially when you passed the midway point of the game. They are fun to use. You will gain access to a projectile but you’ll rarely use it, it’s more usefully when traveling along the city to open doors.

In between the fighting sections we have climbing sections that basically act similar to the Uncharted series, and I use the term lightly “stealth” sequences. The stealth sequences are nothing more than waiting for a security robot to pass and you move on. There are some sections where you have to trap the robot but it’s not that hard to figure out at all. It just felt lazy and it makes me wonder why did they bother putting this into the game in the first place.

The strongest asset this game has going for it the memory remixing segments. Basically the goal is to alter a particular character’s memories so they remember their past events in a different light therefore advancing the plot of the story. These four memory remixing segments were my favorite aspect of this game. While they aren’t hard to figure out, it’s interesting to see what combination leads to what and it’s a nice breather between the fighting segments.

The music is pretty forgettable, at least once I turned off the game and did other things. It’s all techo/trans music inspired and I love that genre of music and it fits with the world they built it just didn’t stick with me personally.

Now onto the negative aspects of the game that sadly stuck out like a sore thumb. While this game is indeed based around free flow combat, Nilin herself doesn’t feel or control as agile as she should. She feels stiff and it’s even more evident when you are climbing or simply running along hallways. Also, some of the rooms you fight in are way to small to allow combat to actually flow effectively. Therefore leading the AI to gang up and get some descent pot shots in. This is fixed towards the climax of the game but I wish it was the same from the start to finish.

Lip syncing is way off for the entire game, including cut scenes. It doesn’t happen every time but when it does make the presentation go down just a bit.

Boss battles are nothing special, with the exception of the final boss. The normal bosses are either easy, frustrating or just out right tedious to play. Enemy variety sadly is nothing more than adding shields and skin jobs with different effects. So expect to be fighting the same thing over and over and over again.

This game is also really repetitive, and I mean Assassin’s Creed I repetitive. You’ll be doing the same thing in the exact same order and when you combine how easy this game, then you will get bored quicker than the how the weather changes in Texas. The only thing that kept me going was the story that compelled me to continue. Just don’t try to play it all in one sitting.

Remember Me had a lot of good ideas and executed them as effectively as they could. For the seven hours I got my fill and I hope that Dontnod gets another shot in this interesting world they have created. It’s free for PSN plus members and but it’s reached the under 20 dollar mark for other platforms.

Remember Me earns a solid 7/10


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