Level Select Thursdays: Lego Marvel Superheroes


Well I never thought I would be writing about a Lego game any time soon, I’ve dabbled with the series before from Lego Racers to Lego StarWars and of course Lego Batman’s 1 and 2. I will admit that while most of those games are well crafted none of them held my attention for very long. This all changed with Lego Batman 2 and where now the Lego series entered into the genre of sandbox games. Even then Lego Batman 2 failed to capture my attention. Fast Forward to last year and Lego Marvel Super Heroes is announced, easily the most anticipated Lego game yet. So does this game give you the Marvel experience, while also delivering a solid and fun game. Let’s find out shall we.

To preface this review, I played the Wii U version of the game and I’ll be highlighting aspects of using the game pad. With the Wii U game while in free play made you can do three things. First of course you can use it to see a bigger map, which helps when narrowing down secrets and not looking at the tinier map that is placed on the screen. Second being once you enter begin to explore Manhattan, you can open up a menu allowing to switch to different characters at any point in time.

While you can go to a SHIELD station or press the X button the Wii U game pad saves time and less awkward. Finally you can of course use the awesomeness that is off screen mode allowing you to play Lego Marvel on the game pad. Similar to first party Wii U titles using off screen mode is easy and looks great on the game pads screen.

So what about the story, well it centers around the coming of Galactus and Loki, Dr. Doom, and Magneto’s attempt to harness the power of the Eater of Worlds. You’ll see cameos from superheroes from all over the Marvel U coming together to stop an all star cast of villains. While the main plot is simplistic, it oddly has that epic feeling that the Avengers movie. Which  was a nice feeling, plus some nice humor that takes appropriate jabs at the Marvel U and you have yourself a fun campaign.

The other aspect (and the one that will make you come back) is the over world, that is filled with so many side missions and new and different ways to unlock new characters. There is no better feeling than playing as your favorite Marvel character as you fly/web-sling/drive/hover or simply walk the streets of Manhattan. Seeing all of famous locations of the Manhattan is also extremely cool and adds to the atmosphere.

Lego Marvel’s biggest strength is it’s replay ability factor. Either replaying story missions to save Stan Lee and locate all the hidden goodies in each level. Plus trying to unlock every single factor. However some of the mini games timing and the controls with certain vehicles can be a bit fickle, leading to moments of frustration.

The only negative aspect of Lego Marvel is the camera in the over world. This camera can be your worst nightmare when completing side missions or simply flying around and trying get a good angle on your surroundings. It’s as bad as Super Mario Sunshine, a game that’s tens years old. Lucky the camera in stages works just fine, but I can’t overlook how God awful the camera is for sections of this game.

Graphicly this is the best looking Lego Game yet. Not only are the character models are spot, but the levels and the over world itself is filled with detail. No awkward textures, everything looks crisp and beautiful. This is a awesome example of no matter what project you are working on, cutting corners is unacceptable.

Lego Marvel perfectly captures the Marvel experience that fans have been crying for years. Tons of content and the replay value for this game is one of the best I’ve seen. While some of the side missions come off as a bit bullshit in terms of control and timing, it doesn’t hinder the over all experience of this amazing game. I personally can’t wait to see what Lego has in store for Marvel next.

Lego Marvel Superheroes earns a 8/10

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