Dragon’s Travels: Persona 4 Golden



Persona 4: Golden

Definitely a Card you should keep in your Compendium of Games


Persona 4: Golden is a JRPG exclusive to the Playstation Vita centered around the Protagonist on his quest for the truth while also focusing on his social life and school.
Persona 4: Golden’s story involves you as the protagonist moving to a small town called Inaba for a year as multiple murders begin to take place. It starts off as your uncle and cousin picking you up and showing you around a bit of the town you’ll be staying in for the year. You then make friends with the locals of Chie Satonaka, Yosuke Hanamura, and Yukiko Amagi at the new school whom don’t believe your oddly new acquired powers to enter the television. You then find a Bear who escorts you to varying dungeons to rescue anyone who falls into the TV with the powers of their various Personas to get closer to the truth behind the murders and kidnappings.

As with any remastered title to come out, the graphics and the general layout of the game have been amped to fit the HD Widescreen of the Vita. The various dungeons look pleasing and different enough with bright colors, shapes, and differing doors. The music is so good I would say it requires headphones to play just so you can be able to listen to it more intently as you go through dungeons, go through the town, just enjoying the game in general. The music ranges anywhere from bright and cheery, to pumping you up for any fight that goes on, to somber for when the situation calls for it. The thing is the music never really gets old as you play through it multiple times. Even after completing the game, I still find myself singing the beats to many songs.


For the gameplay, there was also much stuff you can do in between dungeons and school life. You’re able to talk with the residences of Inaba who will either give you a side quest or talk about what they’re doing and going through. Some of the side quests will give you the ability to catch bugs, use these bugs to obtain a fishing rod in which you’ll use the fish to complete more side quests and complete one of the many social links in the game. Another thing is you’re able to obtain multiple jobs as another source of income in between dungeons (or to once again, complete a couple more social links). Or you can just skip out on a job or dungeon and hang out with your friends to get closer and learn more about them. I mentioned social links and that’s what really helps you throughout the game. Every time you spend an afternoon with a friend, you learn more about them and help them grow as a person, which increases your social link with them which will increase your bonuses and give your teammates new abilities for dungeons. Once you get closer to completing certain persons social link, you’ll be given the option to become their boyfriend which will of course allow you to go on dates with them and get closer still to that select person.

The combat consists of your party going through dungeons and fighting enemies known as Shadows. You can attempt to sneak up behind one and get a pre-emptive strike which will allow you to take your turn first or vice versa if the shadow hits you. Once the battle begins, you have a selection of abilities you can use to deal damage, heal, buff yourself, or de-buff them. The ways you can deal damage range between seven elements between physical, fire, ice, lightning, wind, light, and darkness. Each enemy has varying weaknesses and resistances you can exploit to knock down your enemy to get a bonus attack. If you are able to exploit every enemy’s weakness and knock them down, your party gets the option to give an all-out attack for even more damage which you can continue to use if you’re fighting a boss with a special weakness. The way each character is able to use these abilities is from their respective personas that they obtain from accepting their ‘true’ personalities that come to life within this TV world and defeating the respective boss but the exception to this rule is the protagonist. The protagonist gets a special array of differing personas stored in a compendium as cards which you can either collect via a special bonus you get from defeating enemies, or by fusing your cards into a brand new persona with inherited abilities along with bonus experience if you worked on the appropriate social link tied to


Lastly, the trophies for Persona 4: Golden are entirely obtainable quite easily so long as you have a competent guide within two playthroughs. They range from just simply beating certain bosses, doing special events such as catching bugs with precise timing, to completing your compendium 100%. Even without a guide the game is enjoyable enough to warrant multiple playthroughs to vary your combat, the multiple love interests, and the many multiple endings you can unlock. But if you’re going to attempt to obtain the platinum within the two minimum playthroughs, I’d suggest doing it on your second as you can just enjoy the story along the first time around but make sure you get the ‘true ending’ first so you’re able to complete the compendium.


+Great Story

+Memorable Music

+Simple Combat

+Multiple Endings


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