Mr.Dragon and Iggy’s Top Ten Characters They Want in Smash Bros 4 Part 1


Welcome ladies and Gentlemen, to the first ever Top Ten from both the Dragon God and the God of Turtles. With Super Smash Bros 3Ds right around the corner, Mr.Dragon and I have decided to share who we would like to appear in Nintendo’s most anticipated release of 2014. Granted the final roster for the game is all but said and done, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some more characters to this dance right? Well strap right in boys and girls as we  countdown the top then characters we want in Smash Bros 4!


(5.)Banjo Kazooie

Although I’ve personally never played any of the Banjo Kazooie games, I can see how much appeal this character could have in an all out brawler to fight among the best of them. The abilities this duo have could definitely translate well between shooting eggs, jumping, flying around, or anything else that I may have missed. Despite not ever playing any of the games, I believe I could get a lot of enjoyment playing as Banjo & Kazooie.


(4.)Earthworm Jim

Owning both a Sega Genesis and a Nintendo 64, I was able to play two of the Earthworm Jim games and I could definitely tell that fighting as this hero could definitely be a great time. I could see Jim using his arsenal of weapons as his special attacks between just shooting enemies with a standalone ‘B’ Attack, to shooting sheeps among other things with other combinations. For melee alone I can imagine Jim taking his head and using it to whip enemies, or using it to grapple onto the edge of a stage as a means of saving himself. For his final smash I could see Crow showing up with an army of rabid dogs infiltrating the stage and just damaging everyone in sight while Crow himself throws bombs outisde of his spaceship. Just picturing everything Earthworm Jim can do, I can only imagine how much entertainment playing as him beating up Samus or Bowser and I hope that someday, he’ll be able to join the fray.


(3.)Casey from Kid Chameleon

When I was a kid, I never had an NES or SNES. My parents decided if I were to have a console, that they’d give my family the Sega Genesis along with some of the hardest games to come out for it that included Sonic 2, Sonic & Knuckles, Ghouls n’ Ghosts, and Kid Chameleon. Although the sonic games weren’t too hard and I had even been able to beat the monster that was Ghouls n’ Ghosts, I have to this day never been able to beat Kid Chameleon. Despite it’s difficulty, I always had fun playing the large amount of levels the game had to offer with the various abilities Casey had.
With that in mind, I could see Casey’s abilities in a Smash game to work something like The Pokemon Trainer in Brawl. With a Down-B, Casey could break a box to wear a new mask with a different set of abilities that could either be random or in a set order to keep it simple. Casey would of course have his samurai mask and become “Red Stealth” to deal quick damage, become the Iron Knight for grappling type attacks or just as a power mask, “Maniaxe” a character based off Jason Vorhees for projectile attacks where he throws handaxes across the stage. There are a lot more masks that could be implemented, but for the sake of this character, I’ll cut it short to a possible Final Smash. Casey could wear the Cyclone mask and create a tornado to suck everyone to the center of the stage, and whilst it’s going, he could put on the EyeClops mask to shoot projectile beams to push off the other players, or as Juggernaut, a tank shoot skulls to inflict heavy damage. If you couldn’t tell, I really adore this game and its many possibilities and I would definitely use Casey as a character to master in a Smash game.


(2.) Sir Arthur from Ghouls n’ Ghosts

As I mentioned before, I was able to beat the incredibly difficult game that was Ghouls n’ Ghosts. Although Sir Arthur has shown up already in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I could still see potential in our Golden Knight to come into the brawler in Smash. For those of you who haven’t played either a Ghouls n’ Ghosts game nor have played UMvC3, Sir Arthur has an array of weapons, projectiles, and melee capabilities that he can unleash. Arthur can throw lances, axes, a blue fire, daggers, and even a mirror. He could use the sword for close up melee, or the lance for a charge attack for whenever you’re running straight at an enemy. Of course for Sir Arthur’s final smash there can be a large amount of options to choose from. I personally would decide to have Arthur wear his golden armor for a super-charged attack, specifically a combination of Lance, sword, and the blue flame which would cause Area of Effect attacks involving lightning shooting from side to side and upwards, lightning dragons that would fly along the screen for any possible airbone foes, and finally a combustion of flame around Arthur for any that became too close to our knighted hero.


(1.) Zero from Megaman X(4)

With the addition of Megaman, it would seem the next logical step would be to include his counterpart, Zero. Even though Zero did also appear in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, I do believe the potential to have him and his moveset appear in a Smash Bros. installment with his Z-Saber and various abilities. Of couse with the melee capabilities Zero would use his Z-Saber to strike his enemies, and with the special attacks, he could use the Flame Upper-cut, the Downward Icicle stab, sideways I could a charging strike, and holding down the “B” button he could use the charging stab for continuous damage if the enemy placement is just right. For the final smash, I could imagine X coming into the fray to charge up his mega buster while Zero uses his ultimate attack and the blast goes through the stage. I look forward to future installments of the Super Smash Bros. franchise and hope that some of these picks make it to the games which would definitely convince me into buying a Wii U.


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