Mr.Dragon and Iggy’s Top Ten Characters They Want in Smash Bros 4 Part 2


Welcome ladies and Gentlemen, to the first ever Top Ten from both the Dragon God and the God of Turtles. With Super Smash Bros 3Ds right around the corner, Mr.Dragon and I have decided to share who we would like to appear in Nintendo’s most anticipated release of 2014. Granted the final roster for the game is all but said and done, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some more characters to this dance right? Well strap right in boys and girls as we  countdown the top then characters we want in Smash Bros 4! Now it’s time for Iggy to reveal his Top Five!

To kick off this list I would love for Shovel Knight to DIG INTO BATTLE! Granted, Shovel Knight is the new kid on the block, but with his game being only on Nintendo in the form of consoles, it  works with that given angel. He could have a varied move set using the shovel itself but also the various upgrades he gains through out his own game. Plus I would love a stage that was the Tower of Fate. Finally I would have his Final Smash be him and Shield Knight tag teaming up for some sorta combo attack. It would be cool to see an indie creation make it to the stage of Smash.


Up next I want Nights to PUT YOU TO SLEEP! I know that Smash Bro’s is a Nintendo game, but with the inclusion of Sonic in Brawl has given me hope for my second favorite Sega character Nights! I loved this game back in the day, and I even loved the new Nights game on the Wii. Nights would definitely be floaty, using her dashing and twirls to attack foes. Plus imagine an actual HD version of Spring Valley as a stage! I’m not sure what her final smash would be, I just know that it would be flashy! It’s a long shot, but please include Nights, Nintendo!


Oh man I know I’m gonna piss off some die hard Nintendo fanboy with this, but I love me some Rayman. Going back to his PS1 days I could not get enough of this odd hero. With the latest info on Smash 4, this pick seems the most likely but I will hold my joy until I see actual game play of Rayman fighting. Obviously he wind up punch could do some damage, plus his propeller hair will come in hand for escaping death. Similar to Nights I’m not sure what his final smash would be, but since Legends was supposed to a Wii U exclusive maybe Rayman will punch you to the moon.


Now it’s time to get real because for the life of me I can’t fathom why a Final Fantasy character from I-VI hasn’t been featured in a Smash Bro’s game. So if I had to pick one out the enormous cast of Final Fantasy characters, I had to go with Rydia. She brings a unique feeling with her using spells vs the traditional sword dynamic, plus she would agile. Having a stage centered around the Myst village of the moon would simply awesome and it’s time for Final Fantasy IV to receive some love. Her final Smash would be her transforming into her dragon form flooding the arena with damaging all in it’s wake. Come on Square Enix, let Nintendo use Rydia!


Finally the one character that I want in Smash Bros more than anybody else, Simon Belmont from the original Castlevania. When you think of classic NES games, your mind might shift to Mega Man, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania. Simon was a staple for Nintendo fans from the late 80’s onward, and with the inclusion of Mega Man and Pac Man it’s a travesty that Simon is left out. All the whip attacks from Super Castlevania IV, plus the sub items you could obtain and they incorporate perfectly into Smash. I would steal from Rictor Belmont for his final smash as he would use a screen crash similar to Rictor in Rondo of Blood. Simon belongs and hopefully Koonami comes to their senses or Nintendo theirs.

So that does it for our first ever top five, come back for more next time!


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