Top 10 Final Areas of Gaming Part 1!


When you’re playing a video game and you find yourself nearing its end, how do you feel about the experiences leading to it? Do you think of the story, the hardships, or perhaps just how easy it was to get to this point? Along with thoughts of the road traveled, what do you think of the final area and how it conveys the said road? This is Mr. Dragon’s and Iggy’s respective top five final areas in gaming.


Mr. Dragon’s Top 5 Final Areas in Gaming

5). Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

When I first obtained my Playstation 3, one of the first games I bought was Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. The only title I can vaguely remember playing before this was the first installment of the series back for the Playstation 2. The moment I started playing the game I immediately know the many improvements that had been made since that point and the story that went along with it. You can definitely tell this dynamic duo definitely went through a lot together and grew that much more. When the game starts, you see that your greatest foe Dr. Nefarious, has returned with another plot to destroy the universe but stealing little creatures that help maintain the very fabric of space and time. Along the road you learn of Clank’s true origin and Ratchet finds a member of his family that was thought long lost to another universe. The last area of the story involves the universe cracking as you try to stop the people responsible when you find your ally trying to crack a hole to bring back his lost family. Ratchet and Clank stop the misguided character and saves the universe. I know I’m being as vague as can be, but that’s because if I feel to really experience the way it ends you have to play the game yourself.

4). God of War 3

Whenever I think of this series as a whole, I always remember the ending to this title. The many obstacles you had to overcome and brutally murder as Kratos tries again and again to take revenge on the one responsible for his accursed visions and actions while he was the servant of Ares, the God of War. During the course of the games you find your original goal of killing Ares who forced his anger to murder his own family. After the deed is done the many gods gave him the gift of godhood, replacing Ares in his stead as the God of War he hated. Skip ahead a bit after he loses his godlike powers and he learns that the original person that attempted to stop Kratos from rising into power was Zeus, the very god of Olympus. Kratos later recruits the titans he freed from Tartarus to climb Mount Olympus to wage war on the gods. As Kratos mercilessly slaughters all that stand in his way, he meets a small child named Pandora, a little girl raised by Hephaestus who later is kidnapped by Zeus in attempt to keep her sealed away. Pandora uses her mystical powers to reach out to Kratos in hopes that he’ll be able to rescue her and Kratos sees it as an opportunity of redemption for what he did to his own family. He finally meets up with Pandora and Zeus tries to take her away again to seal her where she originally was born from, Pandora’s Box. in the struggle of trying to hold on to Pandora, Zeus provokes Kratos’ anger and he lets go to punch the God of Olympus and Pandora is sucked back into her prison. Kratos dives into the box and finds himself into an abyss where the only color you see is Kratos’ red tattoo and along a river. This scene sticks to me as it shows Kratos finally forgives himself and obtains the great power of hope, which allowed him to finally strike down the very god that’s plagued him for so long. After the fact all of the essence of hope is released to the people so they may start over and Kratos falls off a cliff, presumably dead. But I feel the story of Kratos is not yet over, and I can not wait to see what happens in the next game.

3). Metal Gear Solid 3


When this list started, this was the very first title I thought of. But the more I thought about this game and the last two choices, I couldn’t help but bring it down to the number three spot. This does not mean however that the game itself is worse, because it’s not. Metal Gear Solid 3 is definitely a great title that anyone with a Playstation 2, 3, or a Vita should own and play for themselves.


Metal Gear Solid 3 follows the story of Snake and a question of what’s more important, loyalty to the people he cares about most, or his patriotism to his country. When Snake learns that his mentor defected to the enemy, he is then given the mission to not only stop the main villain from using the Shagohod (which would later in the series become Metal Gear). After defeating the villain and bringing Eva (a woman that becomes sweet on Snake during the course of the game), Eva runs off to start the plane as Snake decides he must finish his business with his former mentor, The Boss. I admit it’s kind of cheating as the final area of the game is a boss fight, but seeing as you can explore back and forth in the entirety of the game if you so chose, I figured it counted. But as the fight goes on, you notice the beauty of the fields when they change from grass to white flowers, petals floating across the screen as you try to best your mentor. When you finally best her, the fields turn from white to red to symbolize the road Snake’s traveled when he finally obtains the title of “Big Boss”. The beauty of this sequence always sticks in my mind and that’s why it’s on this list.

2). Kingdom Hearts 2


I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and I am greatly looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remake along with Kingdom Hearts 3. The environment of The World that Doesn’t Exist very dark and gritty at first, showing tall skyscrapers and the further you progress, the more light and sterile as platforms come from thin air, defeating the many Nobodies to get to your final destination in hopes of keeping Organization XIII from gaining access to Kingdom Hearts. Once you reach this area you deal with many combinations of previous enemies that that almost become laughable because at this point you’re just too powerful to care as you destroy the countless Nobodies. The challenge comes from taking down the remaining ranks of Organization XIII and take down Xehenort, the leader. After you you take him down the world around you starts collapsing and in one last ditch effort, Xehenort attempts to destroy you and Riku in a barrage of lasers and only together were they able to overcome the obstacles and escape the world. The reason I enjoy this series as a whole is something that I can only explain better for my number one choice.

1). Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves


Sly Cooper 3 is about the legacy of the Cooper clan and friendship. The game starts off  with the gang trying to get inside of the Cooper Vault, which is loaded with treasure contributed with every member of the Cooper family as it’s guarded by another villain. The final area of this title is the Cooper Vault itself in which you have to deal with the many obstacles in which you’ve learn to overcome from the very book of the Cooper clan, the Thievious Racoonus. During the course of the level you find portraits of your ancestors surrounded by items from their time period along with their own special variations of the Cane used to steal from others along with Sly giving a small history. The reason I this hit the top spot is because you actually see the history of the Cooper clan and how Sly can contribute to the vault but that’s not the only thing. It’s also about how the entire Cooper gang contributed as one to overcome the entire obstacle, even as the villain breaks in after them in attempt to steal all of the treasure for himself and Bentley and Murray together stand up to him as Sly goes further in the vault. That’s what resonates so well with me, it’s not about the legacy and overcoming all of the villains itself. It’s about how great their friendship is. It shows that no matter what troubles may come your way, your friends will always be there to help you overcome it, and you would do the same for them.


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