Top 10 Final Areas of Gaming Part 2!


When you’re playing a video game and you find yourself nearing its end, how do you feel about the experiences leading to it? Do you think of the story, the hardships, or perhaps just how easy it was to get to this point? Along with thoughts of the road traveled, what do you think of the final area and how it conveys the said road? This is Mr. Dragon’s and Iggy’s respective top five final areas in gaming.

Outer Haven: Metal Gear Solid 4


I’m a new comer to the Metal Gear Solid series, but when my Dad bought me the HD collection I became hooked on it’s mythos. Equal to it’s amazing mythos are the characters and it all comes into play in the final area of Outer Haven, the twisted vision of Big Boss. The weight the player has as he sneaks deeper into the ship, the great homage to Psycho Mantis, plus seeing Snake crawl to save the world? Truly compelling work Kojima. That’s not even mentioning the epic fist fight between Liquid and Snake that brings Snake’s story to a rightful close

Sigma Stage: Mega Man X5


I hate Mega Man X5, if you’ve read my review on it earlier this year then you already know why I despise this game. While Sigmas final stages couldn’t wash away the pain, it did drive me to push forward to stop Sigma. This summarize why I love the X series as a whole. It has great music, fun level design, and challenging bosses. The cherry on the top being the emotional battle between X and Zero. Something about two best friends trying to kill each other just tugs at my heart strings. I wish the X series stopped here, because no other Sigma stage could top what the developers of Capcom made here.

Northern Crater: Final Fantasy VII


I love me some JRPG’s, but the one that evaded me until last year was Final Fantasy VII. For many the standard of what a JRPG should be or an overrated game for others. The Northern Crater decent is truly epic. The music reminds me of a war drum beating urging the soldiers to move on no matter how big the odds. Words can’t express the final battles against Sepiroth and Jenova , it’s simply a gaming experience that you must experience for yourself. For now Sepiroth will be waiting.

Ganon’s Tower: Ocarina of Time


Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game I ever beat, heck I even had an audience when I took down Ganon. Ganon’s tower was the culmination of all the hard work I’d been through. It was unsettling settling seeing the peaceful Hyrule Castle replaced by that monstrous architecture, which only made me want to bring it down down even more so. The music is downright unsettling, especially when you hear that familiar organ begin to play. Finally while many have now mocked the confrontation with Ganon, the first time brings a sense of thrill. You’ve been waiting since he knocked Link to deliver Gannondorf  his justice rewards, also to save Hyrule. The original N64 boss fight against Ganon was down right horrifying,  due to the lack of light and only catching glimpses of the monster. An epic end to a epic game.

Final Mission: Mass Effect 3


While Mass Effect 3 is filled with problems I see past them and see the epic conclusion to one of my favorite franchises of all time. While yes Mass Effect 2 has better music, a better use of your team mates and consequences to your actions I still prefer the final run for Mass Effect 3. While it was a simply straightforward march the sheer amount of Reaper forces were awe inspiring. The player could feel the exhaustion that Shepard and his selected teammates were going through. All of this climaxes with Shepard and company standing their ground one last time before the final plunge. Plus having the player talk to each of his squad mates they’ve meet over the course of the series puts it over the top.

That does for another Top Ten from Dragon and Iggy, coming soon will be another episode of the RPG Show and Mr.Dragon may be talking a certain God soon. Until next time!



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