Dragon’s Den: Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man is a game that released within the launch of the Playstation 3 back in November 2006. Although I’ve only owned my console since 2010 and haven’t played this game until a year later when Resistance 3 came out, I figured it was time I revisited this title again and see if it still holds up today in 2014. Sadly though since it’s seven years since release, I believe the servers for multiplayer have been taken down so all I would really be able to talk about is the singleplayer.

The game begins with a cutscene explaining the history of the Chimera invasion. In the 1940s, England discovered that Russia was being over run by these strange creatures with otherworldly weaponry as the invasion spreads across the region. A war begins between England and the Chimera as to defend the world or else the human race be extinguished. England than reaches out to America for some reinforcements and we’re then introduced to our silent protagonist, Sergeant Hale. As Hale is being transported to a military base, the helicopter is shot down and the survivors have to run toward the base. The group is then ambushed by a swarm of Chimeran soldiers and Hale is infected with the disease responsible with turning humans into Chimera. After Hale awakens, he finds he’s somewhat immune to the disease, except golden eyes and progressively quicker reflexes. The rest of the story involves Sgt. Hale going through cities, forests, and various battle grounds in hopes of defeating the Chimera threat, so let’s go ahead and look in to the gameplay.

Unfortunately, the controls aren’t that great to begin with. Instead of the usual hold down the aim button to look down the sight of the gun, you simply press it and you’re automatically scoped which I found off at first; but the more you play, the more you get used to it to a certain point. I say to a certain point because the input is not responsive whenever you want to go in and out of the scoped screen, and the only way I found to successfully get out of this screen is by using the melee attack. Another small complaint I have with aiming itself is it’s too sensitive, which makes any kind of precision all the tougher (especially if you’re trying to use the sniper rifle type gun). Outside of that, I found the game enjoyable as I experimented with the many different weapons you’re able to use along the campaign and how to plan out my attacks on the Chimera. With Insomnia (the creators of Ratchet & Clank) behind this game, of course we’ll have new varying types of weapons with their own abilities. To start off with we have the military carbine with an alternate grenade launcher which may not be original on its own, but as you pick up the Chimera’s weapons, the variation gets better. The first Chimeran weapon you pick up is the Bulls-Eye, an assault rifle that allows you to tag an enemy, hide behind a wall, and as you shoot- the bullets will go around said wall and hit the enemy. This allows planning boss fights and large enemy groups much more fun as you lessen their ranks from a safe distance. I mentioned sniper rifles before and what they can do is the bullets are able to pierce barriers and take down your enemies. If you’re lacking any protection, you can use its alternate ability to put down a barrier which you’re also able to shoot through. There are a number of useful innovative weapons, but sadly some of the others are sadly either useless or very situational I found.

The combination of enemies you battle vary as well. You have the standard Chimera using their own weapons against you and your allys. There’s a smaller, flesh-like insect type that will attack you in swarms (with their role being to infect as many people as possible) that becomes difficult to shoot unless you’re using a shotgun or just spraying them with the bulls-eye or the carbine. There are others similar to the standard chimera except they just shuffle around and grapple you in attempt to strangle you to death, but they’re not much a threat so long as you spot them before they reach you. Some Chimera are able to jump across the walls and stick to them and shoot you from far away, almost only visible via the laser sightings coming from their rifles. Then finally there’s the towering hulk chimera that use a massive spiked ball and chain to attack you and explode in a fiery mess of gore when defeated. The difficulty of these enemies depends on your skill to deal with multiple enemies at once along with how you manage your ammo. Ammo is surprisingly scarce depending on the weapon you favor between levels which can make certain battles more difficult as you’re being ambushed by an enemy and you only have enough in your magazine to take out one or two of their numbers.

The graphics admittedly look dated, but at the same time are still good considering this was a launch title. You can see some textures pop in but they’re not distracting to the point it hampers the gameplay. I never found the frame rate to drop at all during the time I played along the story, and that’s great considering how much is going on the screen at once. The music however can be forgettable after you stop playing. But while you are playing, the music does its job at emitting the emotion needed for whatever was going on at the time, whether it’s going through a small bit of backstory, or when you’re fighting a boss while inside of a giant three-legged tank.

So with all of this in mind, does the game still hold up to today’s standards? I’d like to think it has because not a moment went by that I dreaded playing the game or hoping it’d end sooner than it did. There’s just enough in the story to give it reason enough to have a sequel and enjoyable enough to have hoped for one. If you’re one to like first-person shooters but you’re tired of the multiple sequels of other franchises, give this series a try. It’s pretty cheap and you’ll get a cool alternate history story while you gun down the Chimerans.

+Weapon Variations                         -Situational weapons

+Challenging Gameplay                   -Overly Sensitive When Aiming

+Enemy Variations                           -Unresponsive Aim button

+Engaging Story


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