Iggy’s World: Super Mario World


Sorry for the delay folks but I am back and yes it’s another Nintendo centric review. This time the focus will be on, what many consider to be the cream of crop for platformers. As you can tell by the title I’m referring to Super Mario World, the game that launched the SNES into living rooms back in 1991. Now that it’s nearly 23 years since this game came out is it still among the giants that have spawned since Mario World’s inception, or does the original still put the clones to shame.

The first thing that anybody will notice with Super Mario World is how glorious the colors are. This was a launch title for the SNES and boy was this such a leap from the days of NES when you only had eight colors. As you traverse through the various levels simply observe the color pallet that Nintendo chose. It showed that the SNES isn’t the messing around.

So what about Mario himself? Considering the previous installments Mario could only run and jump, the basic for any Mario game. With the added buttons on the SNES controller Mario can perform a new move called the spin jump, which isn’t the greatest move the Italian plumber would gain, but it useful for certain levels and finding secrets. The true beauty of Super Mario World is how he controls. Mario’s controls can be summed up in one word, smooth. The traction and stiff jumping are thing of the past as a player can now control Mario’s jump in mid air. Which makes it much more fun to play through over and over again.

With Super Mario Bros 3, came with a load of new power ups, but for some reason Nintendo decided to remove most of them leaving Mario with the classic fire flower and the new kid on the block the cape feather. While the fire flower is back it’s been depowered, which make it borderline useless. It does turn enemies into coins, but that’s about where the fun ends and for a classic Mario player as I am it’s a letdown to see this.

To make up for the lack of the fire power, Nintendo has introduced the most broken power up of all time. The cape feather is leaps and bounds better than any power up in previous games, as it as better range for attacking plus it allows Mario to slow his decent making tricky platforms a thing of the past. The broken aspect is that the cape feather in certain levels can allow the player to skip all the challenges set ahead and go straight for the goal. If you want some challenge in this game, then refrain from abusing it to much. It’s great for speed runners though, but there’s one more aspect that Mario World added and that was the lovable dinosaur Yoshi.

Yoshi is a Kirby in dinosaur form, (he even gains abilities when he eats certain shells). Yoshi serves as an extra hit for Mario plus it allows the plumber to traverse over other enemies that would normally harm him. The final tidbit to Yoshi is that Mario can jump off him (forcing Yoshi to die) to jump to higher planes which is another great way for secrets and is essential for some levels at the final areas of the game.

The thing about Super Mario World is that it’s super easy and having played Mario’s past and recent incarnations World just seems so easy. Your constantly given lives or bonus stages to earn more lives. There isn’t even a difficulty spike as you progress deeper into the game. The challenge virtually remains the same. It’s not a Kirby game but veteran gamers wont’ have a rough time. The only exception being the castle levels and the forts but those are few and far between.

Super Mario World set the standard for 2d platformers for the rest of the decade and beyond. Other games would learn but sadly couldn’t replicate the magnificent spectacle that was Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.

Super Mario World earns a 9/10


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