Iggy and Dragon’s Top Ten Scariest Moments Part 1!

It’s been a fun time here for the ole RPG crew, but now it’s time to dive into something primal. Let’s face it, at some point in time we’ve all been freaked out and haunted for days (in some cases years) because of something in a video game. The best part is that the game itself may not even be a horror game, but for some reason the developers decided to include nightmare fuel. So without further introduction, this is Iggy and Mr.Dragon’s Top Ten scariest moments in video games.

5.) Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

As funny as it sounds, the number five spot goes to this special moment in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. I went into this franchise not knowing anything about the games and when I came to this point, I thought this poor dead person was going to come alive and attack Nathan Drake at any point while within the submarine. This scary moment was more due to my own paranoia and less about the intent of the game trying to scare me. Since then, after replaying the games multiple times and getting the platinum trophy, I’ve learned to know better about the games about their story lines. But this special scene still keeps me on edge most of the time.

4.) Dark Souls

There are many moments worthy of being frightening in Dark Souls with its many traps to its many bosses. But the moment that always puts me on edge is the boss fight with the Gravelord Nito. As you can see in the above picture, this particular boss is made up entirely of bones from the dead, rib cages, femurs, etc. along with the blade that forms out of its arm. The boss starts off with a cinematic of Nito opening his coffin and shambling out. You start off on opposite sides of the arena as regenerating skeletons attack you but Nito is able to penetrate the ground with his blade, piercing you with a surprise attack. The way Nito just shambles his way, attacking you with his sword (Along with the occasional explosion) always takes me off my guard as the game’s God of Death attacks me and kills me multiple times.

3.) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

This part of the Top Five is going to be full of spoilers, so if you haven’t played Metal Gear Solid 3, I suggest you do so as soon as you possibly can. There were quite a few moments that could be frightening in this title, between walking the river of the dead, having to survive on the land itself, to the other bosses. But this moment where the great Snake gets captured and taken to Volgin is what made me realize the stakes. As Ocelot, Volgin, and The Boss interrogates Snake to find out how he was able to sneak into their facilities, Volgin begins splashing him with water and punching him with his electrified fists. The scene goes on and on with the punches and Snake’s screams become worse, before Ocelot threatens to shoot him point-blank before he’s interrupted and a stray bullet shoots his eye out. The scream that followed was enough to make me afraid of the well being of the main protagonist as I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to make it out alive (despite knowing what happens later in the franchise). No matter how many times I play through this game, this scene always keeps me on the edge of my seat.

2.) Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is one of my all-time favorite games as it follows what I feel is the great romance between the protagonist Zidane, and the beautiful Princess Garnet as they travel through the lands in hopes of finding a way to stop Garnet’s mother from destroying the neighboring kingdoms to obtain for herself. At first, it’s only hinted at as Queen Brahne’s power increases with armies of Black Mages raid small towns and cities. It’s not until you reach Cleyra until you fully see the power of Brahne’s greed as the Black Mages attack the windy city and General Beatrix steals the jewel responsible for keeping the wind storm protecting Cleyra. Queen Brahne pulls out a small jewel known as the Dark Matter and summons the powerful Eidolon, Odin. Odin descends down from the heavens and throws his lance down to Cleyra, destroying it absolutely and leaving a giant crater where the great city once stood, with Odin riding back up into the skies and vanishing. This is the first time that I truly learned the stakes of the game as you aren’t shown the power of the Eidolons, and knowing what’s in store makes everything that much more urgent. The capabilities of multiple Eidolons are shown throughout this game and it’s always terrifying of what they can do and each time it sends shivers down my spine whenever one appears.

1.) Resident Evil 3

Believe it or not, this was the very first game that belonged to the horror genre that I played. I was eight years old when I was at BlockBuster, when I saw this title on the shelf and thought it’d be fun to play since I never played a game like it. I rented the game and immediately began playing it in my room, slowly going through the story as I first started to become scared as the undead dogs jumped from a nearby fire to attack me. I was able to overcome the initial fear to take out the threat, but it was later to this point that horrified me as the game introduces Nemesis. This hulking tower of death incarnate slowly walks up another person and kills him gruesomely as you’re forced to watch. As the body drops, the option to fight or flee from the monster appears and I wanted to avenge my ally so unknowingly chose to fight the monster. The entire battle consists of Nemesis just walking to you, seemingly unaffected by any bullets you may fire at him as he picks you up and tosses you aside like you’re nothing but a stuffed doll. This continues until you run out of healing herbs and he picks you up one last time, and finally just impales you with the tentacles that grow from his body. This battle terrified me to the point where I had avoided anything horror related until 2010 where I first played Dead Space. I played through this game again two years ago and still was it a horrifying experience, even after passing through this moment, as I didn’t progress when I first played it. Nemesis only proves how terrifying he is as he will chase you down, no matter where you may flee, destroying doors, walls, anything that may come between him, and you. To this day, any nightmares I may have only consists of a zombie apocalypse with some form of Nemesis to join them.


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