Iggy and Dragon’s Top Ten Scariest Moments Part 2


It’s been a fun time here for the ole RPG crew, but now it’s time to dive into something primal. Let’s face it, at some point in time we’ve all been freaked out and haunted for days (in some cases years) because of something in a video game. The best part is that the game itself may not even be a horror game, but for some reason the developers decided to include nightmare fuel. So without further introduction, this is Iggy and Mr.Dragon’s Top Ten scariest moments in video games. This time Iggy takes the fright stage.

#5 Shambhala Guardians: Uncharted 2

261px-Suited_Shambhala_GuardianFor some reason the dead of winter is absolutely terrifying to me. It’s like the ocean, when it’s hard to see paranoia starts to set in and you feel that something could come out of nowhere and kill you. Enter this asshole, who can be quickly seen before vanishing like ninja, making the player think they were just seeing things. That is until they attack and it seems that nothing hurts them. Prepare yourself, Winter wants to kill you.

#4 The Stalkers: Dead Space 2


Speaking of seeing things, these pricks or Stalkers are even worse than the previous entries. They bring me back to my childhood fear of being surrounded by a pack of animals looking to eat me. Even more so the Stalkers remind of the raptors from Jurassic Park, but not nearly as smart. Plus just when you think you’ve eliminated all of them one of them is right around the corner ready to pounce. Even the most patient of gamers will fall to this one’s claws.

#3 Giygas: Earthbound

giygaspokeyHaving only just played Earthbound, a little over a year ago I can definitely say that it has made an impact on me. Even more so is the final area of the game itself. I’ve entered many a final area and each time I’m filled with anticipation on kicking the final boss ass. With this one I have never felt so unnerved while playing a game that wasn’t a survival horror. The area itself is bland and empty, and while some will see that as lazy level design I see a contrast to the rest of the game. Then of course there’s the case of the boss fight against Gygas himself, and how helpless one can feel the fight. I can only imagine what this was like for a kid back in 1995.

#2 Human Centipede: Demon Souls


Okay here’s another truth about myself, I can’t stand most bugs. I know that most of them won’t even go near me but that doesn’t stop me from freaking out when I see a big spider. So I enter a game called Demon Souls with two of my friends, where for some reason the area was so dark that it was nearly impossible to see. Then out of nowhere the Human Centipede shows up to freak me out with their shrieks, and due to the physics in the game they can drag along with your avatar. Giant bugs are the worst, but not in this case.

#1 Regenirators Resident Evil 4

Regenerator Resident Evil 4

Having just played and reviewed Resident Evil 4, there is one enemy type that will haunt me to no ends. The Regenerator is the stuff of nightmares. The game has it’s share of scary enemies but nothing holds a candle to these monsters. It’s not really their look that makes them fearful, it’s the beautiful sound design that makes them my scariest moment in video games. The sound is like nails on a chalk board at first but once you see them, and realize what they are you’ll lose your cool once you hear it. It’s even better when the music changes for their appearance only, adding to the tension. The Regens are an example of less is more, and I dub thee the scariest moment in video games.


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