Iggy’s World: Hyrule Warriors

TM_WiiU_HyruleWarriorsHoly crap, the holidays are nearly here and boy Nintendo seems ready to absolutely dominate this winter! So the next set of reviews will be even more Nintendo centric than usual so bear with me here. So to kick this off let’s start with Hyrule Warriors, a game that blends the style from The Legend of Zelda with the huge army combat game that is the Dynasty Warriors franchise. I didn’t see this coming and I was dreading its release because I don’t have the fondest of memories for Dynasty Warriors. Can you mix two completely different genres and make something amazing? Let’s see shall we?

Like any Zelda game there is story all behind this and for the most part, the developers didn’t steer too far from what makes a Zelda story. Link is still your hero with Zelda there to aid him in their quest to stop the evil plaguing Hyrule this time around. If you’re looking for some deep introspective plot then you’re going to be discouraged. This game’s story is as basic as you can get. Normally with a Zelda game, I’m harsher if I feel the story somewhat lacking, but in this one instance game play triumphs over story.

The main thrust of Hyrule Warriors will consist of the player selecting a character and running around an enormous battlefield, defeating hundreds of enemies at any given time. Along the way, you’ll be given various “missions” which have their bonuses and upsides. I won’t deny that  there is a huge satisfaction when you take out hordes of enemies as a hero or villain, but no matter what mode you play (more on that in a second) you’ll be repeating the same thing over and over and over again. Even as you level up characters and find stronger weapons nothing actually changes.

The “upgrades” feel a bit artificial simply because visually nothing appears to change once you’ve leveled up. In other words, repetition is how I would describe Hyrule Warriors in one word. So if doing the same process over and over again doesn’t seem fun, then I would steer far away from this game at all cost. Combat inside the game for the most part is fluid, but during the game there are certain times when the camera would abruptly turn or the enemies would be allowed to get some cheap hits. This can also work for you as in some cases the player can trap an enemy in a wall pinning them down. Either way, the combat is fast paced and the attack animations look amazing when you pull them off.

As I stated earlier there are several modes with Hyrule Warriors, those being Legend, Adventure, and Free Mode. Legend mode is your story and with a simple plot comes a short story mode. In a way it serves as a tutorial for anybody who hasn’t either played a game from this genre or to show off new mechanics for older players. I wish more games would make learning how to play more in this fashion than someone spoon feeding you information. Adventure mode is where most of your time for Hyrule Warriors will be spent.

The key aspect to Adventure is that you are given a map of the original Legend of Zelda game and it’s up to you to complete specific challenges to unlock the rest of the map. For old school fans if you remember where all the secrets from Zelda I, than that knowledge will work here as you advance in your journey. It’s an neat call back, but if you can’t stand repeating the same core gameplay over and over again then the restrictions plus added challenges might entice to venture further deep but that’s something that’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

To close this out from a presentation standpoint Hyrule Warriors is beautiful looking game. The bright colors and immense detail in each area is just astonishing to look at, plus the super smooth frame rate makes everything just seemed more crisp and polished. I can’t forget about the remixed music and how amazing it is, any Zelda fan will instantly be reminded of games past. The only truly negative aspect to Hyrule Warriors is the lack of voice acting.

Stick with me on this one but given how fantastic the presentation is for this game, the now archaic “grunting” sounds instead of actual voices serve as to only disrupt the immersion of the game. It’s even more jarring due to there being a narrator, making the grunting noises seem even more out of place. Perhaps Nintendo is still worried when you factor in the last time when one of their beloved characters had a voice. That’s completely speculation though but it doesn’t change how archaic the silent heroes trope has become.

A a complete package Hyrule Warriors is exactly Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin, ergo if you hated Dynasty Warriors you won’t like this game even with the Zelda layer. However if you are a fan of Zelda then I would give this game a try.

Hyrule Warriors earns an 8/10


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