Mr. Dragon and Iggy’s Top Twenty Favorite Pokemon Part 1


With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire due to release in less than twenty four hours, Mr.Dragon and I have decided to celebrate this momentous occasion with naming our top ten favorite Pokemon of all time! We did establish some rules so that way our lists could be more diverse considering there are over 700 Pokemon. Those rules being only one Legendary, one starter, and we could only choose one Pokemon from an evolutionary line. Mr.Dragon is up first so let’s who his Top Ten favorite Pokemon are!

10.) Galvantula

My list is going to comprise a lot of my personal interests. Galvantula’s on this list because I grew up with a great fascination of spiders in general. While I was just in elementary school all the way up to now, I’ve read a lot about the varying species to learn how they hunt, how they see, how they spin their webs (if they did to begin with), etc. My personal favorite species is the trap-door spider, but a close second is the tarantula, which this Pokemon offers inspiration from. That Galvantula is known to do to hunt for its prey is that it will spin a specialized electric web and “throw” it to paralyze its meal and chow down peacefully. It might not be the best Pokemon to have in a battle, but I still think it’s an interesting one. Besides, Joltik is an adorable little pre-evolution that I find keeps its cuteness with added power.

9.) Magnezone

Back when Pokemon first came out with the original three games between Fire, Blue, and Yellow, a Pokemon I would always have on my team was Magneton. It wasn’t because it was great in battle or because of how it looked. It was because of the pure aspect of technology itself having the ability to hold life and help humans with every day life. I stopped following Pokemon after gen II was released and didn’t completely get back into the games until gen V when Black and White was released as the DSi was the first handheld I was able to purchase with my own money. Looking through guides, I was excited that Magneton had finally gotten another evolution that made it look just so much cooler as it melded the three Magnemites together, but became disappointed that I couldn’t get one. When X/Y came out, I was ecstatic when it was discovered you could get Magnezone and I immediately played as quickly as I could, and I was rewarded with this great Pokemon that decimated everything.

8.) Victreebel

Victreebel is another Pokemon that relates to my interests growing up. When I wasn’t reading up on spiders, I was reading on carnivorous plants. Victreebel is based off the nepenthes plant, in which it will use a honey-like scent to lure its prey into it’s body. Once something flies or crawls inside, the leaf on the top closes and the prey sticks to the walls as its acid digests the plant’s meal. The idea of a plant not only using water and sunlight, but also insects (and in some cases, small animals) was just so interesting to me that I loved that this great species became a Pokemon. Like Galvantula, Victreebel is sadly not the best option for battling but it doesn’t stop me from loving this great meat-eating plant. Hopefully in the future Victreebel gets its own mega evolution and more people can appreciate it.

7.) Poliwhirl

I can not explain why I like Poliwhirl so much. When Pokemon was first introduced and the list of all one hundred fifty one different creatures was released in varying index books and posters, there were two Pokemon I always looked at. One was Mewtwo because of how oddly powerful it looked compared to most of the others, the other was Poliwhirl just because for some odd reason its picture always caught my eye. I didn’t even really truly started using Poliwhirl in any of the many games until Pokemon Y and I started to like it even more in battle. I in fact just learned a month or so ago that Poliwhirl was Red’s starter in the manga so I don’t believe that’s why I like this Pokemon so much. Poliwrath might be better in a battle, but there’s something about Poliwhirl’s almost cheerful look of which I can only describe as “don’t worry, we’re going to win this easily” that makes me confident that it’s a contender in any battle.

6.) Greninja

My love for Greninja is new as it was just added with generation six out now with X/Y. Before it was released, my friends and I all decided we were going to start with the different starters and enjoy the game. Kiseit decided to start with Fennekin, Ben would get Chespin, and I would get Froakie. At first I thought Froakie was just a standard water type as I progressed through the game, but when my Pokemon evolved into Greninja, my opinion of it instantly. Greninja suddenly one of the best members of my team as it was incredibly fast and its abilities made everything cower before it. Along with its great abilities in battle, its design is also just as awesome. Just looking at Greninja, you can see how the agility and grace it shows. Greninja is a great Pokemon to have on any team.

5.) Arcanine

Arcanine is what I feel to be one of the most graceful and loyal pokemon a trainer could have. Arcanine is definitely a Pokemon I hope will one day get a mega evolution as it hasn’t had much love in recent titles. As a dog person myself, I always wanted to have an Arcanine in my team as it looks like it will do anything to help whatever I needed. When the ability to ride your Pokemon was given in Pokemon X/Y, I was disappointed that it was only in select areas and you couldn’t actually ask any quadrupeds to travel with you. I would love to be able to travel throughout Kanto to Kalos on the back of this majestic creature but sadly I’ll have to settle to fly around Hoenn on only a Mega Latios or Latias.

4.) Hydreigon

As you no doubt guessed, I have a great appreciation for dragons. They’re great, strong, destructive, and intelligent. Hydreigon is all but one of these traits as it will only destroy and consume everything in its path if left unchecked. This is shown in battle as its special attack can decimate  almost anything in its path. What else can you say about Hydreigon besides that it’s powerful, and it looks cool devastating its enemies.

3.) Haxorus

Unlike Hydreigon, Haxorus can live peacefully and still help its fellow man if it chose to. Its tusks will remain as sharp as they would after cutting steel. It just looks like a force to be reckoned with, but you can see that it has the intelligence to control itself. When I first played Pokemon Black, I was excited at the first chance to catch an Axew and raise it to Haxorus and I’ve loved it every step. A majority of the time, Dragon Pokemon are slow to level up and evolve but it always pays off with something incredible. Haxorus not only excels at his raw attack power, but it also has great speed to back it up. The only way I feel they could improve Haxorus is if they gave him a mega evolution and added great wings to fully give him that great, dragon look.

2.) Tyrantrum

Tyrantrum is a combination of two things I love, Dragons and the great T-Rex. I knew the moment I had a choice between this and the other fossil Pokemon, I would enjoy having Tyrantrum in my team more as it just looked like it would have more to offer. It’s Pokedex entry even says that nothing could stop them when they lived millions of years ago so they acted like kings, and it definitely shows in battle with its Strong Jaw ability. The name alone just emits power in my eyes and it’s just so fun to say it with the force and power the Pokemon deserves. Tyrantrum along with a number of the previously mentioned helped me along to beating the Elite Four in X/Y and I enjoyed every minute of it. But what can beat this majestic force of pure power?

1.) Rayquaza

I love dragons, I believe them to be the greatest mythological creature known to man because (as I previously mentioned) They’re known to be big, powerful, intelligent, graceful. Rayquaza is the embodiment of all of these traits because it’s powerful enough to stop the embodiments of land and sea with Groudon and Kyogre from destroying each other and the world. It is also the closest thing to me that looks like a dragon as it closely resembles a Chinese dragon, gracefully flying across the sky. Although my favorite color is green, its shiny counterpart looks as awesome as its more “common” relative. When I saw the trailer for Mega-Rayquaza, I became so excited to make it a vital pat of my team as it improves on what makes this great and powerful pokemon and makes it look so much better with abilities to back it up.


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  1. Nice picks! I like seeing Poliwhirl get some love, he’s been one of my favorites since the beginning! 🙂

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