Dragon and Iggy’s Top Twenty Favorite Pokemon Part 2:


With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire due to release in less than twenty four hours, Mr.Dragon and I have decided to celebrate this momentous occasion with naming our top ten favorite Pokemon of all time! We did establish some rules so that way our lists could be more diverse considering there are over 700 Pokemon. Those rules being only one Legendary, one starter, and we could only choose one Pokemon from an evolutionary line. Now Ben names his Top Ten favorite Pokemon!

#10 Tauros


Being from Texas, to be more precise Austin as a young lad there was one aspect in life that trumped all others. Texas Longhorns football and you maybe wondering how this relates to Tauros? Well since Texas’s mascot is an actual Longhorn when I first saw Tauros I knew I had to have one on my team. Plus he’s pretty tough for a normal type, I only wish his shiny was burnt orange. HOOKEM!

#9 Mushnara


When I came back to Pokemon with Pokemon White in the summer of 2013 I was eager to see what new Pokemon awaited me in Unova. Well when I saw a Munna I knew I had to have one. When it evolved into the sleepy beast that it is I knew no other psychic type could match Mushanra. It’s peaceful demeanor and it’s move set is what made me fall in love with Pokemon all over again.

#8 Drapion


It could be just me but I feel that poison types really don’t get the love that they deserve. Sure poison moves get their shine but the individual Pokemon in my eyes just seem to lack something. Then I encountered this monster in Kalos and he is my own personal nightmare I have a fear of scorpions and seeing how this is a giant version of one, well do I need to say more? There’s nothing better than harnessing your fear and using it to kick some major butt. Go hug your favorite poison type today.

#7 Steelix


Remember when the reveal of Steel type and how awesome it was? For the longest time I loved steel type Pokemon (with no real logical reason) and it’s this bad Pokemon that lead the charge. Steelix is a wonderful example of less is more, unlike certain Pokemon in future gens. Sure steel moves aren’t the greatest and fire types can waste them easily, that doesn’t stop this monster from unleashing hell before going.

#6 Sharpedo


Since Dragon mentioned his love for spiders, my animal love of choice are sharks. The most vicious predator on the open seas, but up until gen 3 there wasn’t a shark Pokemon. The fact that this thing is super fast and can potentially be one of the fastest pokemon ever, and it’s a shark just makes it a perfect match for me. Can you imagine a Sharpedo speed jetting it’s way towards your boat? Sharpedo king of the sea’s in my book.

#5 Hawlucha


If you follow me on twitter then you might know that besides talking about video games I love pro wrestling. So when it came to deciding who my favorite fighting type was I had to pick the new comer, the luchador itself Hawlucha. Being hispanic I love the inclusion of Mexico’s colors and giving him a natural mask, keeping with Luchador tradition is a excellent attention to detail. Plus flying press beats all other moves.

#4 Houndoom


I love motorcycles, yep I said it. If I could afford one I would never want to ride another vehicle again and for some reason Houndoom looks like it should be apart of a biker gang. It’s devil inspired design only emphasizes this point further, and when you combine that with his fire/dark typing well from my viewpoint that’s a pretty good type combo. Plus when he mega evolves he actually looks like a motorcycle.

#3 Salamence


While I don’t share Mr.Dragon’s love of dragon types there is one that caught my attention when I booted up Pokemon X last year and it was Bagon. Since Dragon’s take so long to fully level up to their full glory I became deepl connected to each of it’s forms and even more so when it manifested into Salamence. I enjoy that Salamence doesn’t look like the typical Dragon, plus something about his all red wings just look badass. Salamence is my personal favorite Dragon type, nothing else has topped it yet.

#2 Lugia


This pick is a combination of the Pokemon Movie 2000 and the mythical beast that is Lugia. Seeing Lugia take center stage in all it’s majestic glory in that movie made me awe when it showed up on screen. Similar to Steelix I simply loved how minimalist Lugia is in design and it’s quaint color scheme. Lugia will always be the standard on how I scale Legendaries in on the cool factor. Spoiler, none of them  in my opinion touch Lugia.

#1 Squirtle


This one is all sentimental I can’t deny it. It all goes back to me getting blue version for Christmas along with my first game boy color. Around this time I began to develop an interest in sea life so for me it was easy to choose this little guy as my first ever Pokemon. Sure Wartortle and Blastoise are bigger and badder but Squirtle will always remain my number #1 (sorry Chespin)

There you have it folks, hope you enjoyed Mr.Dragon’s and I’s top twenty favorite Pokemon. Now go back to playing OR/AS!



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