Iggy’s World: Super Smash Bro’s For 3DS


SUPER SMASH BROTHERS! Welcome one and all to a special review for Super Smash Brothers 4! Now I know the title says SSB for 3DS, well I’ll be reviewing both versions of Smash 4. What makes them different in every aspect and when it comes time to review the Wii U version the biggest question will be answered. Should you own both versions of the same game? Before I officially start this won’t a deep analysis on individual characters and what has changed since Brawl. I’m as Smash casual and I’ll be reviewing it from that standpoint. Now LET’S SETTLE IT IN SMASH!

When it first announced that Smash 4 would be coming to both the 3DS and Wii U I lost, but it also left me worried that the 3DS would be able such a handle the intensity that is Smash Brothers. The biggest question I had was the the screen size of the 3DS (XL or regular) vs how playing Smash on a TV. Thankfully Nintendo using several tricks made playing Smash on a smaller screen doable, it’s not perfect and it will take some getting used to but it works. The use of smaller stages and outlining characters with a bold line around each fighter. However when the smashing becomes more intense, you’ll most likely lose your character and die. Super Smash Bro’s for 3Ds is all about adaptability.

It will take any veteran smasher time to get used to not only playing on a smaller screen, but using the circle pad pro to fight. This isn’t really a problem with Smash but the hardware it’s on as the circle pad pro just isn’t up to snuff to a regular control stick. On occasions inputs will be read incorrectly resulting in using the wrong attack or diving off a stage. The normal and special moves still work the same, but it all boils down to becoming accustomed to using the circle pad pro.

To be brief on the mutliplayer aspect for Smash, I can 100% say that it works. It’s not perfect but most 1v1, 2v2, and even 3v3 matches will run relatively smooth it’s really 4v4 matches where problems of severe lag come into play. Smash online only has two modes, those being For Friends and For Glory. For Friends is where you’ll find how a typical Smash game being played, where as For Glory is for “serious.” All kidding aside I do appreciate that was considerate enough to give players on how they want to enjoy their Smash experience, instead of clogging players together whether they be competitive smash players or casual players.

So what about Smash Bro for 3DS single player? Well with this being on a handheld I love that Nintendo created the single player experience around it being on a handheld. Classic mode and All Star mode return and several other mini games, but the seem well at home on the 3DS. The newest edition being Smash Run, which has you select four characters and you run around in a small area for five minutes beating on a cornucopia of Nintendo baddies collecting stats. The end result leading to a Smash fight or race that never feels the same.

Smash Run is the best aspect of this game, and outside of online multiplayer this will be the mode that will take up most of your time. While it can’t replicate Sub Space Emmisary from Brawl it’s so satisfying to run and beat up on some classic baddies as your favorite Nintendo characters. The best of the single player aren’t the modes I mentioned, it’s the customization.

Yes you can customize your favorite Smash  (and create Mii Fighters). Not only can you customize move sets but also how the character controls with equipment one can unlock through the various single player modes. Even better you can transfer these characters to the Wii U version by connecting it with your 3DS. The only downside to customization is that it earning equipment and special moves are completely random. Yes it does encourage you to play more, but I can’t deny that distribution system doesn’t work. It’ll take a player a while before you fully obtained each special move. The other letdown to customization is that you can’t really use it in For Glory, and it can only be used in For Friends if the host allows it. In a way it makes Mii Fighters and customizing your favorite character a bit pointless.

Last but not least Super Smash Bros for 3DS looks beautiful, and with each character running at a perfect sixty frames per second makes fights all that much more enjoyable to watch. I was a little bit disappointed of certain stages returning and a majority of the stages just lack something special about them.

If you own a 3DS you have no real reason to not pick up Super Smash Bros. It’s built for the system it’s on (in a positive and negative way) and despite some flaws it still feels like Smash Bros but now you can fight anywhere anytime. Heck you can even street pass other players and compete in a mode call street pass. It does feel a bit bare bones but when you factor in the handheld aspect then it’s understandable.

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS earns a 8/10


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