Iggy’s World: Super Smash Bros Wii U


It’s finally out, the game every single Nintendo fan has been waiting for since the Wii U launched. Yes the 3DS version officially launch the Smash hype but for me it didn’t become real until this bad boy was released. I’ll be looking over what makes this different from the 3DS version and why Smash is just so much better on a home console. Is this review a bit pointless? Possibly but I still want to share my thoughts on the latest installment of SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!

Without a doubt this is the best looking Smash Bros for Wii U is the best looking in the series to date, which of course is to be expected. As Nintendo takes advantage of the graphic capabilities all new intricate details can now be seen on each stage, and even more details on each individual fighter. Even better is that Super Smash Bros runs at a consistent frame rate of sixty fps. Making Smash fights even more delightful to be apart of, or watch.

Since I won’t go in depth on individual characters I will divulge on how the Wii U gamepad feels while playing Smash Bros. Yes more people will want to use the Game Cube controller but chances are this holiday season you’ll be using the Game Pad for a bit. While it does take some getting used to (especially if you’re a veteran smasher) the game pad works even better than I thought it could. Controlling each fighter feels flawless and the despite the awkward placement of the analog sticks playing with the Game Pad becomes natural. Lucky Nintendo let’s the player use a variety of controllers and it would be to long to list them all but being able to use your 3DS as a controller is awesome (suck it Vita).

Most fighting games center their  focus on appealing to fans of multiplayer and of course playing Smash oonline is still the main reason why the majority will be purchasing Smash for Christmas. Thankfully Smash Wii U is packed to the brim with single player content that will take a while to complete. Your standard modes return along with some brand new ones that deepen the single player experience. The newest edition being Smash Tour which is basically Mario Party in Smash but way less fun. There’s a quick learning curve to actually understand what in the world is going on during each game. You’ll play as your Mii as you run around a game board earning stats and eventually you have a Smash Fight. Trust me when I say this but you’ll be playing normal Smash fights instead of this trivial mess.

One thing to note when going from Smash Bros on 3Ds to Wii U is the difficulty spike in various modes which I consider a great thing. It makes this feel like the true way to play Smash, even though there is nothing wrong with the 3DS version. It seems that Sakurai and his team tried to keep in mind hardcore Smash players but also welcome casual players who can still have a great time playing Smash. So while you can’t please everyone I appreciate the attempt to try in the case of Smash Wii U.

Sadly the only aspect of Smash that I can’t fully delve into are the amiibo’s, or the biggest ripoff of skylanders since Disney Infinity. I’m kidding but being able to train up your favorite character to and use it as a sparring partner. The best part is that the figurines work with other Nintendo titles and future Nintendo titles so they are not a Smash gimmick. Lucky they are not necessary to have at this point but only time will tell on the future of the amiibos.

Let’s not kid ourselves here the reason that everyone plays Smash is the co-op and now functional online fights. Smash Bro’s Wii U online is leaps and bounds superior to Brawl. While yes there are occasional moments of lag, rarely will you run into Brawl like showcases of lag. This was the key component on the success and Nintendo along with Namco/Bandai hit it out of the park.

So the biggest question of all needs to be answered. Should you own both versions of Smash 4? I say yes as they both have their own unique experiences and the connectivity between the titles is just icing on the cake. Being able to transfer your customized characters from the 3DS to Wii U and vice versa. In a weird way, Smash Bros 3Ds will most likely serve as your local Smash play with Wii U serving online. It’s unnecessary to own both (unless you want that sweet Mewtwo DLC and even more awesome soundtrack) but you’ll be rewarded if you do.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy a Wii U well look no further than Super Smash Bro’s. It’ looks and controls amazingly along with being able to balance hardcore gamers with those who just want to have a fun time with Smash. Plus let’s face it no matter what I write you’ll were gonna buy Smash no matter what. So enough of me, LET’S SETTLE IT IN SMASH!

Super Smash Bro’s on Wii U earns a 9/10


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