Iggy’s World: Bayonetta 2

zv8hgj4j6qkozdpe1tutThe game that was never supposed to exist, let alone exclusive to the bullied Wii U. I remember the controversy when Nintendo released this and even I was a bit shocked that they would put their money behind a game with a mature rating. Is Bayonetta 2 worth the purchase of a Wii U, or is it just a cash crab from Platinum and Nintendo? How could they possibly improve on something that was near perfection? Let’s see if Platinum can raise the bar once again.

Normally I enjoy diving head first with the story and it’s how that intertwines with the game play. Instead I have to just announce that this is the best looking game on the Wii U! With recent triple A titles debuting on next gen consoles or PC, they lack polish, have game breaking glitches, or the frame rate is just oddly lowly for some insane reason. Bayonetta 2 is a perfect example of pushing a console to its limits  with amazing detail in each area, and some of the coolest set pieces I’ve ever seen in a video game. Not only that but Platinum seemed to listen and added bright luscious colors making the game more vibrant than Bayonetta 1.

The best part of is that Bayonetta 2 runs at a consistent sixty frames per second, aka pure gaming bliss. So when you mix all these wonderful ingredients together it’s not a shock how visually amazing Bayonetta 2 is.

Bayonetta 2’s story continues the insane journey from the previous game, but I will give credit to the writing team for actually making Bayonetta herself a more realistic character. Sadly when it comes to writing a female character to some people she can’t be both a badass and show that she has emotions. It’s odd ain’t it? Thankfully the writing staff managed to balance the character of Bayonetta perfectly, and I want to say more but I won’t due to spoilers. In short it’s awesome to see another strong bad ass female who acts like a human being (even though she’s not normal).

As I stated earlier, how could Platinum improve on something that was close to perfection? Well the answer it that they don’t, as the combat remains the same. That’s not a criticism at all it’s just more of what was amazing about the previous game. Combat is still fast and fluid as ever allowing players to either button smash or chain combos together in various ways. They did something new and that’s Umbra Climax’s which add more attack power to your light and heavy attacks, during a short period time. However for some reason you’re also given the option to commit a torture attack (which can do less damage given the enemy) and in heat of a fight you might end up choosing torture instead of the climax.

It’s a minor nitpick but I would have personally done away with torture attacks in favor of Umbra Climax’s. Especially since bosses won’t trigger a torture attack, it’s an odd design choice that I’m not a fan of.

When it comes to replayability there is so much more to be obtained her than Bayonetta 1, with new costumes and trinkets to be bought, increasing difficulty to earn a better rank, more passes to play multiplayer, and secret groves to earn upgrades or sharpen your skills. Combine all that with the intensity that is the core gameplay and you won’t want to stop playing this smash fest. While most of the costumes can be seen as fluff, the Nintendo costumes actually changes certain gameplay elements making them much more fun to play as. However be prepared to earn them as they have to be unlocked after you beat the game on normal difficulty the first time around.

Sadly I can’t comment on the online aspect as nobody I know owns Bayonetta 2.

Somehow Platinum games made Bayonetta 2 even better than Bayonetta 2. It’s larger than life story with a bigger emphasis on Bayonetta’s character, fast and furious gameplay, plus its gorgeous set pieces and fantastic detail make this a game to own. If I had beaten this game before the year this would have easily been in my personal Top Five Games of 2014. I’ll even go so far that Bayonetta 2 is a game that should be a system seller for the Wii U. If you don’t own a Wii U go buy one just to play Bayonetta 2 and if you do own a Wii U and not Bayonetta 2 go buy it. Truly a masterpiece was created by Platinum, Sega, and Nintendo.

Bayonetta 2 earns a 9/10


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