Iggy’s World: Why I love The Legend of Zelda


When it comes to the world of video games, there is always that one series that solidified our love for this genre of entertainment. For me it all started with the boy with a green hat, and princess who captured my heart. As I grow older I’ve began to appreciate what exactly the Zelda series has done for me so this isn’t going to be a critical analysis but instead why I continue to love this series despite it’s flaws.

One of prime reasons for this love affair is the beautiful music that surrounded each game since The Adventure of Link. The music from The Legend of Zelda perfectly captures why I love music to begin with, the ability to stir emotion within human beings. Zelda’s lullaby from Skyward Sword never fails to in making cry as I say goodbye to friend, or the fear of the unknown as you enter a new world with new possibilities, and of course the satisfaction when defeating an enemy who stands in your path.  That and the music promises an exciting adventure each time I boot any random Zelda game regardless of generation (except the CDI games….we don’t talk about those).

While I may not be the best when it comes to solving puzzles there is no greater satisfaction when I actually figure out a dungeon puzzle. Unfortunately not every Zelda game lives up to expectations from other installments, actually using your brain to solve a problem instead of fighting always appealed to me a kid. I was mainly into games where combat was the main focus, and while recent Zelda games have made combat a bigger focus Nintendo still remembers the series prime gameplay element.

Remember when you were a kid and you would explore every inch of either your backyard, or neighborhood along with your friends. That feeling of exploration and finding secret places to hide or hidden treasures that pride yourself in finding. Similar to the puzzles not every Zelda hits the exploration aspect to the perfection but when it does there is no greater feeling on earth than being invited to a huge world that is yours to explore, with nothing but an occasional obstacle preventing you from advancing. I spent hours just walking around Hyrule from Ocarina of Time looking for every single secret area I could and most of the time the games rewards you for going off the beaten path. Hopefully when Zelda Wii U finally releases, Nintendo will return to a true open world experience instead of the truncated experienced that was Skyward Sword.

Before I go I need to bring up the age of debate of graphics vs. game play. Growing up I’ve always just wanted to learn how to play game instead of marvel at how gorgeous it was as I grow older the internal debate within me has become a balanced discussion and that’s because of Zelda. It’s not about making Link hair look incredibly realistic or being able to see every single detail in the blades of grass. It’s about creating a believable and functioning world for the player to become immersed in, and for me personally every Zelda game has achieved that.

The soul reason I wrote this is because the next set of reviews will be centered around Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask, two games that shaped gamers in the late 90’s. So now it’s time for me to see if the remastered edition of these two timeless classics hold after all this time.

Until next time, have a Marvelous day peeps!


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