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It’s the month of Batman!

With Batman: Arkham Knight just around the corner, what better way to celebrate its coming but with a month dedicated to games that lead up to this title? With that said, Iggy will be uploading his reviews of Batman: Arkham Asylum, City, and Origins. Mr. Dragon will be uploading his reviews of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, and of Arkham Knight. Mr.Dragon will also be streaming Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City on Twitch at  on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday through Sunday between 10am to 5pm central standard time.

Dragon’s Den: Dragon Age Inquisition

I want to start this review off by saying that I love this series. I enjoy the settings, the stories, and the very lore of each title. The moment this title was announced, I was incredibly excited to see what this title had to offer, and even more so when they offered the choice to play the Qunari race which wasn’t an option in previous games. But now that the game has finally released and I’ve had the time to beat it, let’s get this review on the road.

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Dragon’s Den: Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is definitely an interesting sequel. After originally beating the story modes of Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening, I was definitely excited what a new iteration would bring after seeing the E3 trailer for this title. The way the protagonist fighting this horned enemy and creating hands from vortexes to defeat him just kept me on the edge of my seat with questions. Will they have improved the magic system or combat in general? Would we be able to create any character we like from any race like before, and what would the story be like to involve these fierce new characters? Click below to learn what they’ve done with this great series.

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Dragon’s Den: Dragon Age Origins: Awakening

When Dragon Age Origins was released, people enjoyed the game so much that Bioware didn’t want to just stop there with the core game. Thus they used the same game but created the expansion that was Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, which tells a brand new story after the events of Origins with some new gameplay elements. But does the Expansion do anything that improves the problems of the core game or is it just more of the same? Click below to learn more.

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Dragon’s Den: Dragon Age: Origins

People who know me know I love the fantasy RPG genre. So when Dragon Age: Origins first came out, I knew immediately I had to play it. I remember enjoying the story for the first time quite fondly, but I will be revisiting the title for the Playstation 3 to see if the game is just as good as I remember it. Let’s dive into the realm of Ferelden and see if it’s held up to today’s standards.

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Mr.Dragon’s Fantasy Month!

To celebrate the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out on the eighteenth this month, I’m going to spend all of November reviewing the series. So for the upcoming weeks, I will review Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Awakening, Dragon Age 2, and finally Dragon Age: Inquisition. If there is enough interest or I feel it warrant enough to talk about, I will also write about the various Downloadable Content for the games as well. If I have enough time, I will also sneak in a review of Lords of the Fallen as it will be the most recent game to date that I will review. But the majority of my time will be dedicated in playing this series to revisit what’s evolved throughout the series whether good or bad. Either way, this will be a great chance to revisit the series I enjoyed so much during their initial releases.

Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Challenging and Addictive

When Dark Souls first came out, I heard nothing but of how challenging the game was and how others couldn’t get past the various areas of the game. Then after a while, the same friends began talking of how much fun they had playing what had angered them so much before. After a while I decided to buy the game and try it for myself because surely if they’re having this much fun playing through the story and replaying it on New Game+ can’t be that hard. Click below to read more and to learn how I felt after playing through this title.

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Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Silent Hill

Silent Hill

Still Frightening After All These Years

Welcome to another retrospective review on a title known to be one of the most scary franchises to date, but with one small difference. I have never played a Silent Hill game. So not only will this be a retrospective, it will also be a completely blind review. So does this old Playstation (One) title still hold up even after all of these years? Click below to read more and we’ll find out.

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Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

Fighting and Waiting your Way to the End

Now here’s a game near and dear to my heart. This was a title I looked forward so much as I got the “Dead Rising 2: Case Zero” demo/DLC just to prepare for the things to come and to learn of any more story that I could experience among just playing the general game. But have these years really made this title age well? Click to read my review on Dead Rising 2.

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Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Dead Space

Dead Space

Definitely sets a Marker in its Genre

This year marks the sixth anniversary of Dead Space’s U.S. release of October 13, 2008. So in honor of this year’s special Halloween month, what better way to celebrate than to play the game that made the survival horror genre more modern and look at what made the game great, along with other aspects that could have been improved. Just like with The Last of Us, this review will be based off two playthroughs of Dead Space with a New Game+ for the Playstation 3

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The Secret Life of Pandas

I've tripped going up stairs, but hasn't everyone? No? Oh.

The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast

Kickin' all sorts of Asgard!!


While he gropes himself with eunuch fists, I sow my sole into his teeth and finger him for cash.