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D&T Commentaries: Ghostbusters (1984)


BUSTING MAKES US….. argue about Billy Murray’s character, and that means Halloween Month rolls on! This particular commentary was recorded live, so grab your proton packs as both Mr. Dragon & The Marvelous Iggy start busting some ghosts! Also we only mention the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, in case you wanted to know that before hand.


D&T Commentaries: The Lost World Jurassic Park



Let’s take it a trip back in time to the early 90’s when Jurassic Park took the world by storm, and made huge bank at the box office. Naturally a sequel was going to be and now one year after both Dragon and Iggy’s commentary for Jurassic Park it’s time to see if the sequel stands up to the original, so join Dragon and Iggy as the venture to unknown territory with new dinosaurs, and new personalities for some old favorites. All this and much more on this latest edition of Dragon and Turtle commentaries!!!


D&T Commentaries: Small Soldiers


ATTENTION MAGGOTS, WE ARE D&T COMMENTARIES! EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST A TOY!!! Join Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy as they look into the parody GI Joe film that wowed audiences in 1998 (it didn’t). Dragon and Iggy discuss their love affair with toys, looking up Ebay prices on said toys, why the Gorgonites can’t do anything yet the Commando Elite can make deadly weapons from home utilities. All this and more on the latest Dragon and Turtle commentary!



RPG Commentaries: Spider-Man 2


After the critical and huge box office success of the first ever live action Spider-Man film, of course Sony wanted to make a sequel. Join Mr.Dragon, The Marvelous Iggy, and once again special guest Zero Score to discuss what many consider to be the best superhero movie of all time. All that, plus your typical norm of sexual innuendos and more importantly how exactly do you pronounce Doc Ock? All this and more as we continue our march towards Civil War!

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ANNOUNCEMENT! The Star Wars Marathon With Kuhan!

star-wars-force-awakens-font-100As Star Wars: The Force Awakens draws ever closer, we are at RPG commentaries wanted to contribute to the hype machine (even though it doesn’t really need us, but whatever). So starting this coming Monday, The Marvelous Iggy, Mr.Dragon and special guest Kuhan, will grace you with commentaries for each Star Wars movie. So strap yourself in and journey with along with us as we countdown the weeks till The Force Awakens official release.

May the force be with you, always.


Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Challenging and Addictive

When Dark Souls first came out, I heard nothing but of how challenging the game was and how others couldn’t get past the various areas of the game. Then after a while, the same friends began talking of how much fun they had playing what had angered them so much before. After a while I decided to buy the game and try it for myself because surely if they’re having this much fun playing through the story and replaying it on New Game+ can’t be that hard. Click below to read more and to learn how I felt after playing through this title.

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Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Dead Space

Dead Space

Definitely sets a Marker in its Genre

This year marks the sixth anniversary of Dead Space’s U.S. release of October 13, 2008. So in honor of this year’s special Halloween month, what better way to celebrate than to play the game that made the survival horror genre more modern and look at what made the game great, along with other aspects that could have been improved.┬áJust like with The Last of Us, this review will be based off two playthroughs of Dead Space with a New Game+ for the Playstation 3

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Dragon’s Travels: Lumines Electronic Symphony

Lumines: Electronic Symphony

Tapping your Foot Whilst Tapping your Vita

A title that released on the launch of the Playstation Vita. I will be discussing whether the game might interest you into buying if you ever decide to obtain one. Does this little launch title still hold up two years after its release? Read on and decide for yourself!

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Level Select Thursdays: Mars Lighthouse


Well this is where I tell everyone my favorite RPG game of all time and that game is Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Before the internet comes at me I want to state that I’ve played plenty of RPG’s since this back in 2003 and including various Final Fantasy and other franchises. However this game (a long with Golden Sun 1) is what got me interested in the genre to begin with. This final lighthouse was the conclusion to a grand story that started one game ago and you as a player were either going to condemn the world or save. You don’t get a choice or anything but the actions of lighting said lighthouse imply this. So grab our Game Boy Advances and see what makes this lighthouse tick.

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Hello Everyone

The name is Ben aka Iggy for some of my internet friends. I’m basically ┬ájust a Texan who just wants a outlet for talking his favorite forms of entertainment. I am a fan of comics, movies, video games, television, books and sports.

I hope that those that will read this blog will have some fun with this and if you disagree with my opinions then I encourage a healthy debate.

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