D&T Commentaries: Alien


In space….no one will hear our commentary…. Welcome my friends to the beginning of Halloween month, and to kick off this spooky filled month, Mr.Dragon & The Marvelous Iggy head to deep space to confront one of the most terrifying creations in all of pop culture…the Xenomorph. Join us as both Mr.Dragon & The Marvelous Iggy discuss H.R. Geiger’s inner consciousness with the amounts of hidden sexuality traits throughout the film, plus how progressive the film was and why you never leave the cat behind. All this and more on the latest Dragon & Turtle Commentary!!

The Secret Life of Pandas

I've tripped going up stairs, but hasn't everyone? No? Oh.

The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast

Kickin' all sorts of Asgard!!


While he gropes himself with eunuch fists, I sow my sole into his teeth and finger him for cash.

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