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D&T Commentaries: Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice


The time has finally come ladies and gentlemen, Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy return to the DCU to discuss the most controversial superhero movie of recent memory. Kuhan rejoins us once again and midway through the commentary Joe M. Cuevas joins the fray as all four commentators give their thoughts on the DC Extended Universe, the problems this film had, why Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are two brights spots in a dull world of grey, and Iggy does his best to praise this film in some fashion. All this and more on this extended Dragon & Turtle Commentaries!

Click for a commentary on the Ultimate Edition of BVS and Iggy’s initial thoughts of the theatrical release with Kuhan and Joe!


RPG Commentaries: Man of Steel


The time has finally arrived, the most controversial Superman movie to date it’s Man of Steel. Kuhan rejoins Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy for the final steps of the Superman Marathon! They discuss the idea of a Superman for the modern era, why is Krypton still alive twenty minutes into the film, and why Jonathan Kent is the dumbest person in this film. All this and more as we celebrate the upcoming blockbuster, BATMAN V.SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE! See you at the theatre peeps!

RPG Commentaries: Superman Returns


For twenty years, Superman went dormant on the big screen. However in the summer of 2006, critically acclaimed director Bryan Singer (after numerous attempts) brings a bold new direction to Superman! Kuhan joins Mr.Dragon and Iggy to discuss the faults with Superman Returns, why Frank Underwood is really Lex Luthor, and ultimately test Kuhan’s threshold for boredom. All this and more on the penultimate chapter to our Superman Marathon!

RPG Commentaries: Superman II The Richard Donner Cut


It’s time for week two of the Superman marathon! Instead of covering the theatrical release of Superman II, Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy examine the version that Richard Donner had originally intended. Join us as we further discuss our love of Superman and the occasional bullshit that comes from his stories. THE MARCH TO BATMAN V. SUPERMAN CONTINUES!


RPG Commentaries: Superman The Movie


Superman, possibly the greatest cultural icon of the 20th century. A character who has resonated with generations over 75 plus years, and now Mr.Dragon and The Marvelous Iggy dive into his big screen debut. It’s a discussion/argument of Superman in various media and their own preferred version of The Man of Steel. The march to Batman V. Superman begins. Join us as we celebrate the greatest superhero of all time. LOOK, UP IN THE SKY! IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! NO, IT’S SUPERMAN!

Also I apologize for the audio in this, my own mic was switched to a different settings. It is corrected in the next commentary.

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