Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Silent Hill

Silent Hill

Still Frightening After All These Years

Welcome to another retrospective review on a title known to be one of the most scary franchises to date, but with one small difference. I have never played a Silent Hill game. So not only will this be a retrospective, it will also be a completely blind review. So does this old Playstation (One) title still hold up even after all of these years? Click below to read more and we’ll find out.

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Iggy’s World Halloween Month: Puppeteer


As Halloween looms ever closer, yet another review from the RPG crew dawns upon yee. I’ll just get this right out of the way, puppets freak me out. Most human puppet designs are freaky plus how they move just messes with my head. So of course I simply had to play a game where the setting is a puppet show. So what exactly does this PS3 exclusive have in store for this puppet fearing gamer? Well for that answer we have to go to the moon!

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Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

Fighting and Waiting your Way to the End

Now here’s a game near and dear to my heart. This was a title I looked forward so much as I got the “Dead Rising 2: Case Zero” demo/DLC just to prepare for the things to come and to learn of any more story that I could experience among just playing the general game. But have these years really made this title age well? Click to read my review on Dead Rising 2.

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Iggy’s World Halloween Month: Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

luigis_mansion_dark_moon_box_art_largeHalloween month rolls on with and of course I am back with yet another Nintendo related review. It’s like I must like their brand somehow, crazy right? Well now I’ll be looking at a sequel to the cult hit Luigi’s Mansion. Now I haven’t played Luigi’s Mansion since 2004, so this review won’t be focusing the progression the series made but rather as a stand alone game. So what exactly does Nintendo have in store for the best sidekick in all of gaming? Well grab your vacuums and lets suck up some ghosts for Luigi!

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Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: Dead Space

Dead Space

Definitely sets a Marker in its Genre

This year marks the sixth anniversary of Dead Space’s U.S. release of October 13, 2008. So in honor of this year’s special Halloween month, what better way to celebrate than to play the game that made the survival horror genre more modern and look at what made the game great, along with other aspects that could have been improved.┬áJust like with The Last of Us, this review will be based off two playthroughs of Dead Space with a New Game+ for the Playstation 3

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Dragon’s Den Halloween Month: The Last of Us

The Last of Us

Infecting Itself into your Collection

We’re starting off this special Halloween-themed month strong with Naughty Dog’s recent title, The Last of Us. Now that it’s a year after the game’s release and all of the hype behind it has died down, we can play through the game and see with for lack of better words, “clearer eyes”. This review will be based around the Playstation 3 version after two consecutive playthroughs (New Game along with a New Game+). With that said let’s get this started.

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Announcement: Halloween Extravaganza!

urlThe time of ghouls and monsters is upon us, and here at the RPG Show want to dive in for the spirit of Halloween! So what exactly does that mean? Well you’re gonna get a month full of reviews from both Dragon and I! Plus at least one Top Ten dedicated to some horror element of games, and of course a ghouly episode of The Real Player Gaming Podcast! If you’re curious on what we will be playing and want to jump along, well here’s the list.

Iggy will be reviewing, Puppeteer, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Resident Evil 4, and Castlevania: Symphony of The Night.

Mr.Dragon will review, Silent Hill, Dead Rising 2, Dead Space, The Last of Us, and Dark Souls.

So get your scare on and prepare for a packed month here from the RPG crew!

Iggy’s World: Super Mario World


Sorry for the delay folks but I am back and yes it’s another Nintendo centric review. This time the focus will be on, what many consider to be the cream of crop for platformers. As you can tell by the title I’m referring to Super Mario World, the game that launched the SNES into living rooms back in 1991. Now that it’s nearly 23 years since this game came out is it still among the giants that have spawned since Mario World’s inception, or does the original still put the clones to shame.

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Oppossite Opinions: Episode #3

assassins-creed-revelations3Welcome back to another quick time event episode of The Real Players Gaming Podcast Show! For starters this is our first episode using the audacity recording system, so we are still learning, feedback is greatly appreciated. Dragon and Iggy go around the gaming world to discuss the recent events. Plus both of them lay out their list of games that they like, but that the other can’t stand. Thank you for your patience and be sure to check out marvelousiggy.wordpress.com for more reviews and top tens!

Iggy’s World: Mega Man X4


In all the rush and excitement over Mr.Dragon and I starting up this place, I completely forgot to tackle the next game in the Mega Man X series. Mega Man would leave the SNES and make the jump to the new it console known as the Playstation. Given the drastic down turn that X3 went, I couldn’t help but wonder how could the developers at Capcom rebound? By now most of you know that answer, but not all of us are schooled in the way of the X. So for the first time ever let’s play as both X and Zero in their latest attempt to bring down Sigma.

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The Warriors Three

Kickin all sorts of Asgard


While he gropes himself with eunuch fists, I sow my sole into his teeth and finger him for cash.


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